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Dancing on stage…

A group of Dutch journalists escorted by Eleni Skarveli, the head of the GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organisation) in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg,  are now on the Island of the Winds*, that is Chios in other words, one of the most prominent and powerful places on Planet Ocean vis-à-vis its shipping industry’s success in many respects.

Chios is blessed by its size – the fifth largest Greek island, and by its unique nature – the mastic trees producing masticha – only there, nowhere else. This extraordinary substance which you can find as a liquor drink or …mixed with ouzo, a soothing stomach substance (the only one that can cure the ulcer of the helicobacteride), the 101 orchids, the tranquil beaches with unusual surroundings – Mavra Volia (Black Pebble Beach) the Phana, Managros, Nagos, Elida, Magemena, Karfas, Aghia Ermioni, Megas Limnionas, Ormos Los and the Pasha Beach in Vrontados, Yiosonas, Lithi Beach, Aghia Dynami – Greece’s Blue Lagoon, to name but a few, the dozen or so museums, over 1,000 churches, the marvellous Kampos mansions with their estates, the Adamantios Korais Library, the fifth largest in Greece with over 130,000 books… Did I hear you say wine?  Anyway I am sure when you go there you will verify all these niceties we mention above and which the young Dutch journalists just experienced…

Smiling faces; a group of Dutch journalists enjoying the event

At Lithi – southwest of the island, they stayed at the seaside Almiriki Hotel and had a great festive evening last night organised by the locals – the mayor and the municipality, with live music, enjoyed the meze and other local specialities; then in high spirits, they followed… on stage the Lithi women who performed local dances and enjoyed the delicacies (sweets) of the island.

Their visit among other places included the Masticha Museum, the Mastich villages southern region including the medieval Pyrghi and Mesta.

Today they were visiting Lagada – a seaside town in the northeast overlooking the islets of Innousses and the Turkish Anatolian coast, passing through the capital of course and the Vrontados seaside road as well as other places of interest. The very eloquent and experienced Thomas Karamouslis was their guide!

Worth also to mention the supportive role of Aegean Airlines with Laura Brüggemann being there too as well as a couple of her Greek colleagues!

Almiriki Hotel’s manager George Fokas teaching a dance…

Visit Chios and enjoy among other pleasures the sailing – the Dutch and Belgians are among the top ten nations on Planet Ocean as very keen sailors and athletes with regattas and sailing races. The Luxemburgers too have lately shown that kind of interest.

Lately mega cruise ships – with 3,000 plus passengers, call and thousands of tourists have the chance to enjoy the jewel of the Aegean and the entire East!

Enjoy Chios and have the time of your life … ‘on board’ one of the world’s most historic places – Homer certainly knew something about it…

*From Athina Dallas-Damis’ book on Chios:  “Island of the Winds”

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