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North P&I Club recommends HA – Cyber risk assessment platform to members

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Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), North P&I Club

North members receive 20% discount on HACyberLogix platform to measure and minimise cyber-risk

September 7, 2017 – North P&I Club has announced details of a new benefit for members to encourage them to better understand their vulnerabilities to cyber-risk and to improve their cyber-security processes and systems. From today, North P&I members can receive a 20% discount on evaluation platform, HACyberLogix. 

The threat of cyber-risk is at the forefront of the shipping industry in the wake of the WannaCry andNotPetya attacks earlier this year. Through an assessment of the policies, processes and technologies that contribute to their cybersecurity posture across 12 different areas, HACyberLogix enables ship owners, operators and managers to realise opportunities for cyber-security improvement as well as guiding their longer-term strategic investment to reduce exposure to the risks of cyber-attack.

The partnership between North P&I Club and Hudson Analytix – Cyber is the latest in a series of value adding services provided by North to support and enhance the safety, security and cost-effectiveness of its members’ daily operations. As well as encouraging greater awareness of shipping’s cyber-risks and the importance of assessing cyber-security capabilities, North P&I Club believes that the service provided by the HACyberLogix platform will provide members with greater reassurance and guidance in avoiding the risks and costs of claims associated with cyber-breaches.

Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), at North P&I Club commented, “Awareness of the cyber-risks faced by shipowners have been heightened by the WannaCry and NotPetya attacks, which brought home the vulnerabilities within the marine transportation sector. The consequences of such attacks can be highly damaging  in terms of business disruption, financial cost and reputational damage.

Gillespie continued, “North P&I Club is committed to providing the highest levels of service and innovative new solutions to help our members meet the challenges they face. Naturally, this includes the evolving threat of cyber-attack. The risks are real and both regulators and commercial partners are expecting to see ship owners develop cyber risk management systems. Shipping companies should be acting now to assess their risks. Our partnership with HA – Cyber should assist ship owners to understand their cyber risk profile and direct resources where they are most needed.”

IMO MSC 98 confirmed that cyber risks should be managed by the ISM Code and that all owners are expected to have cyber risk management systems in place by 1 January 2021. BIMCO released their Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships, Version 2.0, to coincide with the IMO’s update, which incorporated cyber insurance and OCIMF requirements. In addition, cyber risks have been included in TMSA 03 and tanker operators can expect to be assessed for cyber security policies and systems during SIRE inspections from as early as 01 January 2018.

HACyberLogix is a secure, cloud-based programme that is designed to provide maritime transportation decision-makers with the ability to assess their organization’s cybersecurity capabilities, identify vulnerabilities and provide specific guidance for supporting the implementation, continuous improvement and long-term sustainability of a cybersecurity programme for both shore-based and shipboard environments.

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