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An evening of fashion and elegance at the Greek Ambassador’s Residence

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Hand crocheted long necklace and bracelet made from silk, metallic threads and precious stones.

The historic residence of Elena Schilitzi-Venizelou, the wife of Greece’s most acclaimed prime minister and that of George Seferis as Greece’s ambassador to the United Kingdom (1957-1961) and Nobel Laureate for Literature, opened its doors for a delightful evening of fashion and elegance. This took place last Friday, the 17th of November 2017, at the kind invitation of Mrs Margarita Mavromichalis-Tziras, wife of the current ambassador to the Court of St James, His Excellency Dimitrios Karamitsos-Tziras.

The evening launched the latest collection of designer Clara Poulantza, which was based on a delicate, sophisticated line of handmade jewellery. This superb jewellery is hand-crocheted in Greece, using silk and metallic threads and semi-precious stones.

Mrs Maria Hatzipateras and Mrs Eleni Malatou choosing earrings.

Ms Poulantza is a multiproduct fashion designer, with a BA in fashion marketing and merchandising from the prestigious Regent’s University in London. Upon completion of her studies, she worked as an intern for fashion brands such as Cerruti and Pierre Cardin, before taking up a post as a creative and technical designer, buyer and marketing consultant for the Miss Contessina collections. She is now the executive creative director and marketing consultant for Contessina exclusive creations.

Contessina, a notable fashion business of the Poulantza family, was established in Athens in 1958 and is highly appreciated by the fashionable crowd of elegant Athenian and London ladies.

Dr. Evelyn Stefanaki and Mrs Matina Ouzouni choosing bracelets

A multicultural gathering of the elite London crowd, including Mrs Maria M Hadjipateras, Mrs Eleni Malatou, Mrs Matina Ouzouni, Dr Olga Kapellou, Dr. Ioanna Pantelaki and Miss Naya Boltetsou to name just a few, admired the select handmade jewellery on show.

A variety of beautifully handcrafted earrings, necklaces, chokers and bracelets were on display at the main dining table which was decorated according to the festive season, with golden angel candles and gold decorative leaves.

Guests made a bee-line to try on and purchase the items that attracted them, making the evening a massive success for the young and inspired designer.

Decoration of jewellery display

Amid a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the Greek Ambassador’s residence, delicious canapes and drinks were served throughout the proceedings.

Congratulations to Sofia Konstantopoulou-Papadopoulos for organising the event.


Picture credits Dr. Evelyn Stefanaki

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