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The Nautical Institute launches Shiphandling Logbook

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Shiphandling is probably the most important skill for mariners and one of the most difficult to practise. The Nautical Institute recognises the value of gaining sea-time experience and developing shiphandling skills and has developed the Shiphandling Logbook, launched today.

This logbook aims to provide users with an essential tool to help them manage the development of their shiphandling skills and take advantage of training opportunities. Mariners will be able to record and reflect on their experiences, provide evidence of what has been learned, identify gaps and be encouraged to take opportunities to learn more.

The Nautical Institute’s Director of Projects, David Patraiko FNI, commented “Mariners should take advantage of every opportunity to improve their understanding of shiphandling, to identify any additional learning they need and to arrange for this to happen.”

“The logbook should encourage mentoring, which costs very little, if anything, and is essential to the learning of shiphandling. If done well, it will lead to greater safety, as the skill levels and confidence of officers will increase” added Patraiko.

This generic and easy-to-use logbook includes a complete list of manoeuvres and understanding required under STCW. The Shiphandling Logbook is an essential tool for all mariners, regardless of ship and trade, who want to develop their professionalism.

During the month of February 2018, this publication is The Nautical Institute’s Book of The Month, available at a discounted price of £21. To purchase your Shiphandling Logbook, please email: pubs.admin@nautinst.org

For more information and review copies please contact Bridget Hogan, Director of Publishing and Marketing, The Nautical Institute +44 (0)20 7928 1351, bh@nautinst.org

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