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HESGB’s Milestone: celebrating engineering and charity excellence

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A panoramic view of the Great Hall during
the dinner

HESGB’s Milestone: celebrating engineering and charity excellence

Steeling fun is something more than important given the fact that this 23rd Annual Dinner and Dance last Saturday the 24th of February surpassed any expectation – even the most modest targets set by its organisers! Anny Zade writes:

Ships names for various reasons are very important and tonight on board …the cruise liner “Ark” …err the “HESGB” all Noah’s …species were on board!

Guests accreditation

It was a very rare moment not only in the history of annual balls taking place in London, but all over Planet Ocean to have everybody on board.

This annual ball which in recent years expanded from the Savoy, to the Dorchester, to the Hilton on Park Lane and over the last two years in Grosvenor House, remains one of the top gatherings of the entire shipping industry on Planet Ocean in the administrative capital of Shipping, London!

l to r: Tenia Koronaiou, her husband Costas Amarantidis, Loucas Kontogiannis and the Greek Ambassador Dimitris Karamitsos-Tziras at the drinks reception

It is beyond the annual dinner and dance events that bring together all stakeholders of the shipping industry, it’s not just Britons and Hellenes; there are Americans, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Indians, Italians, Polish, Romanians, you name it – all being masters in their specialist fields, where there. Following last year’s conquering of Park Lane this year’s event was monumental!

We are already in a ten year crisis but at the same time there are opportunities which these specialist guests have explored/ exploring to overcome these adverse situations and conditions, given the tentative environmental concerns as well as ergonomic advancements… The World’s debt approaches US$ 245 trillion, so you can imagine what entails to stay afloat…

Over the last years in our market reports in www.allaboutshipping.co.uk we stress the fact that shipping is being transformed as a business for the very very very few…

Dimitris Monioudis delivering the president’s welcome

These guests with a very diverse background in this get together event, besides having fun, explore through synergies and networking all avenues that modern technology has introduced and inspire the current generation of youngsters who happen to attend, take the button and carry on. These are the people who create and deliver business excellence in the most important sector of the world economy, Shipping – transport, technology, logistics, research and development, you name it with building and maintenance of new and old ships. The “youngsters” are the either offsprings of members or members of their wider family and friends – most of them university students or they are the new interested generation in the Maritime adventure!

A view of the Great Hall with part of the table 47 – fun and jovial mood at its best!

This year’s entry “accreditation” for the incoming guests was done by the members of the HESGB assisted by their family members too, so as to meet and know better the guests; a very wise and thoughtful move!

During the drinks reception, guests had the time to network at the hotel’s basement as well as to the three step-level bar, most still being influenced by the recent Valentine’s Day – love was still in the air, add the fact that many HESGB Annual Dinners were around this day! Two big-size boards displayed the layout of the tables with the unique as always names of tables – Greek Gods, Semi-gods, Mythological as well as company named tables. Good to see also some companies’ stands promoting product and services – charisma and …. The reality is that HESGB becomes THE platform to forge business connections, establish partnerships and learn what’s shaping the future of the Global Shipping.

Tony Bishop and his wife, winners of the Majestic Cruises cruise

The Dinner at the Great Room was excellent, meticulously selected by the events team of the HESGB; obviously the starter and main course from the …catch… honouring the Sea: Cornish Crab Arancini and Blackened Miso Atlantic Cod! …and what a dessert that was: Valrhona chocolate and honeycomb Mousse… “Rules” of lifestyle were also honoured with an alternative vegetarian menu! Wines lifted up the spirits!!

One of Chartworld’s tables with Antonis D. Faraklas, Georgia Blioka, Anny Zade, Evelyn Stefanakis and John Botonakis

Afterwards the speech by the HESGB president; Dimitris Monioudis’ masterly written speech was more than exceptional. That’s what we call: a great Welcome! That’s what we call a great appreciation to his board members for the silent wok done! An honourable and appreciative mentioning of past contributors as well as new ones! That last point was reflected in this year’s improved booklet which proves the support of this event!

The Lykion ton Hellinidon performing

The Lykion ton Hellinidon traditional Greek dancing always a must to witness! Congratulations to its president Soula Moraitis and teacher Anita Williams for the Lykion’s continuous performance!

Well done for the Fortissimo Electric string Quartet which we are sure you will soon enjoy in many events in the future!

All the shipping world on stage to …unwind with old songs too from the sixties and seventies… Well done and congrats for our DJ Avgoustinos Galiasssos…

Riffi Khan and Maria Papadakis-Kotsovolou presented the Raffle Draw with the top prize – the Majestic Cruises cruise for two going to Tony Bishop and his wife – Tony is the procurement manager at London Ship Managers; lady luck’s procuring too… Bravo to all sponsors for offering great prizes including one being a …flight of fancy – the Cirrus aeroclub, a rare experience!

The Charisma stand with its proprietors

Good to see a few stands offering Greek products as well as promoting arts and business gifts with Charisma on centre stage!

Lastly good to see this year’s supported charity: “All together we can”, in Greek : Ολοι μαζι μπορουμε!
We are not extending this write up as we want to trigger your interest and join next year’s event with a …puzzling dates figure: this year’s event – the 23rd Anniversary was on the 24th of February and our confidant’s advised us that next year is on the 23rd of February 2019 the 24th Anniversary!!

You can find the photographs from Chris Renton’s website on: http://www.photographerslondon.co/hellenic7127492

Smiling faces: Katerina Ameli and Christina Pappas

The photobooth especially seems to have been a great success; congratulations to the more photogenic of you…

Many Congratulations goes  to the president’s wife Camila de Oliveira Diniz for coordinating this event – as she does over the years; the silent hero! Well done!

See you next year!

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