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A new independent tool to obtain freight tariff, starts in Panama

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Rommel Troetsch

Panama, a leader in maritime connectivity in the region, according to the United Nations Office for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), lacked a tool that would allow Panamanian importers and exporters to take advantage of this maritime and air connectivity.

However, recently, the only web platform www.bestfreightsearch.com or www.buscomejorflete.com was launched in Panama, designed to facilitate obtaining competitive freights for exporters and importers, increasing the country’s competitiveness.

One of the regular users of the platform shared his experience at this website “… I used it for a small aerial shipment of one cubic meter and the results were amazing.  The difference, not so much in the freight but in the charges, were 8 to 1 ….. Is an excellent tool”.

Felipe Rodríguez, president of the Competitiveness Center of the Western Region, said that this platform will make us much more effective in getting the best freight and will benefit the final consumer. “It will increase the competitiveness of our region. It is an excellent tool. ”

The site offers multiple advantages to importers and exporters, since it is completely free for them, they are not require to subscribe, providing quick access to a large number of maritime, air and land cargo transport service providers. Freight providers become members of the platform at a very low monthly membership fee.

This new tool saves time and labor costs in the management of freight purchases to the employer, because in a single site you can find a wide range of freight providers operating in Panama.

The freight providers will make best offers, as they know they are competing with other members of the platform.

Another attribute of the platform is that it allows entrepreneurs to better organize quotations and maintain electronic files of these, providing the entrepreneur with a good management tool for transparency in freight management.

This is a website that your user does not require special training because it is friendly and has an instructional video on how to use it. It is bilingual, using simple language and requests very easy information to fill out the request for freight quote

The platform counts with members such as shipping lines, cargo agencies, logistics operators and any company selling freights.  Also manages advertising spaces for other providers of cargo services.

The platform operates in Panama since October 2017, recently started operations in Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador, progressively will be implemented throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean in the coming months.

Rommel Troetsch, with an MSc in Maritime Studies from University of Wales (UK) and in the Maritime Business for more than 34 years creates this independent digital platform. Troetsch counts with an experience of 13 years in the former Port Authority of Panama, 17 years with Hutchison Ports Panama as Head of Marketing and last for your years as Maritime consultant, during his maritime career has been twice president of the Maritime Chamber of Panama.

For more information write to consultas@bestfreighsearch.com or buscomejorflete@cableonda.net.

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