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FEPORT Newsletter – March 2018

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A fruitful Dialogue!

Since January 2018, FEPORT has engaged with a number of like-minded organizations in a fruitful dialogue about two important topics: the upcoming revision of the Reporting Formalities Directive and the ongoing revision of the Combined Transport Directive. The outcome of these exchanges has proven that areas of agreement are often more important than diverging views and it is always worth understanding each other’s interests.

This mindset led to the creation of the “Industry Alliance for Multimodal Connectivity and Logistics for Growth” towards the end of 2016 and has allowed associations of the logistics chain to think “multimodal” instead of focusing on specific individual interests.

More can be achieved if dialogue continues to prevail. Collaboration will be crucial between all actors of the multimodal chains. It is essential to ensure that any upcoming regulatory framework with respect to digitalization in the multimodal chain enables interoperability and remains technology neutral.

Commercial players continue to develop solutions and it should be up to the market to select and implement solutions that best serve their needs.

FEPORT is committed to continuing the work with other like-minded organizations and strongly supports the content of the joint positions regarding the revision of the Combined Transport Directive and the upcoming revision of the Reporting Formalities Directive.

Happy Easter to all! 

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