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Dry Market dives further with the BDI@1,109; the Wets on upturn

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John Faraclas

The BDI lost 53 points earlier on today; the Wets on an upturn and Geopolitics muddy… John Faraclas’ brief Markets  and Geopolitics report coupled with a live video:

The Capes lost 208 points with the BCI now standing at 1,551 points… Ultra-caution should be observed…

The  Panamaxes’ BPI now at 1,202 – down twenty points…

The Supras’ BSI stable at 1,074…

The Handies’ BHSI down one at 590…

What a dry market, eh!

The Wets continue to rise; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 761 – plus 13; thirteen for luck… and 546 – plus 11 respectively.

The WTI down a bit at US$ 70.98 – a good sign for further reduction or a tempo figure?

The Geopolitical  situation goes from worse to worse greatly affecting the Shipping and Trade industries and you can see what we mean in the live video with our respective interview with SBC TV’s Sophia Rodopoulou herebelow:

Vangelis Jinis with Maray Georgoussi next to his Trireme and the Hellas Liberty!

On another tone and note three interesting events worth mentioning in the run  for Posidonia 2018.

The first one on ships sculpture from steel by Vangelis Jinis, an excptional seafarer and sculpture-specialist in his own right; Art Historian, Maray Georgousi  mentions: “Vangelis Jinis at his work named: Vrechamena IIII  at Piraeus Marine Club, chooses the difficult path of truth in his life and work. His shapes are simple, clear and honest. The simplicity of his sculptures-ships multiplies the dynamics of his works without, however, making them loquacious. The volume of the form determines the function of sculpture in space.

Any difficulties that arise from the dialogue with material, shape, volume, size, color are solved by the sculptor with care and respect to the entity of the original shape. His personal language, expressed through his creations, is pure, harmonious, humorous and warm.

What he experiences, he lives, he filters into his everyday life, activates him and in turn, he interprets and gives breath to metal”.

Good to see many friends as well as the president of the Piraeus Marine Club, the ever present Irene S. Daifas, George Alexandratos, Antonis Mastrantonakis, Demetra Potter-Assimakis, Valerie le Juene, Jerry Ventouris and many others

From the drinks networking; a very cordial union of the shipping media

The second event of the day was unique in its entirety; despite the torrential  rain bringing the plain of Athens to a standstill – time for some maintenance and upgrading of the anti-flooding infrastructure,  most of  the shipping and social media attended a reception and dinner organised by the Organisers of the International Shipping Exhibition Posidonia at the new Benaki Museum. Thodoris Vokos and his team created an excellent atmosphere. Congratulations to Artemis Vamvacopoulou and her Extrovert team for a memorable evening. Great networking amongst …the media, finger-leaking dips and cocktails and what a dinner menu that was! Excellent service too… Bravo!

And I dare say Bravo as I am a very peculiar person when it comes to food, including sea food which coincidentally was served – that shrimps and salmon…  don’t mention the wines, white Asyrtiko and red Metohi!

A very warm welcome to our team by Paillette Paleologou and George Andreadis. On the left of Ms Paleologou  Redouane Assad  and Mike Kasmas

The third event of the day in north Athens’ Ecali Club was one of the  biggest congregations ever for the Bureau Veritas! One, two, possibly three… brigades … a modern cruise vessel’s 3,000 passengers so to speak gathered around the club’s swimming pool; who wasn’t there, what a splash that was! Congratulations to Paillette  Paleologou and her team for delivering, despite the early evening torrential  rain, an excellent event… Lady Luck was favourable for Ms Paleologou and her team! It was ALLABOUTSHIPPING’s first major Posidonia 2018 social event with a powerful presence including SBC TV’s presenter Sophia Rodopoulou.

BV by the pool

We will revert with a full coverage with interesting photos soon as family, friends and supporters where there inaa show of force honouring one of Planet Ocean’s top Classification Societies!

Have a nice evening, enjoy the Posidonia Receptions and be on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and Criminals of any kind wherever you are on Planet Ocean…


N.B.: Ensure your GDPR is in order as tomorrow is the deadline…

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