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An unsustainable BDI@ 1,727…

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The BDI clinched four points and now stands at 1,727 thanks to the rise of the Panamaxes making it up for the falling Capes; expect a Geopolitical tsunamis and another credit crunch deriving from the current up and coming Trade Wars… John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes fall continued with the BCI down to 3,424 points – minus 30…

On the antipode, the Panamaxes’ BPI continued its upwards mode – a bit more contained rise than last Friday though, and now reads 1,506 points – that’s plus 21 points; a good sign being over and above the 1,500 points threshold…

Six more than welcome points for the Supras’ BSI now at 1,062. Every single points counts but we need to see at least a double digit figure rise…

Minus two points for the Handies’ BHSI now at 543 points.

The Wets still with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 753 – plus 17 points and 489 – that’s one point down…

The WTI stood at US$ 66.43 – slightly up since last Friday… CAUTION!

The Geopolitics now produce mild tsunamis; get gear for the coming tempest; a tempest that you never ever imagined in your wildest dreams.

The MIGRANTS not only remains on top of all the main issues, it gets far worse. Politicians are totally inhumane in the way the tackle the issue! S H A M E !

The Wars in Syria and Iraq as well as the general situation in the entire Middle East goes from worse to worse. The geographical periphery around the Middle East is on fire… Expect terrible developments; that’s beyond the warning level…

Turkey and its president Tayip Erdogan is looking for trouble; we have many time warned on this pathetic and blackmail policy of the Turks… It is not just president Erdogan,  the majority of the Turks coupled also by the religious factor are acting in an unprecedented way and they all contribute to the escalation of the war of words and then the action, the Armageddon from the USA, will be inevitable. Beware of a bankrupt Islamic nation… The shooting this morning outside the US Embassy in Ankara should not be underestimated. Turkey will make it a mess in the Eastern Mediterranean with particular focus the oil and gas. Add the Kurdish issue and all of the problems the Turkish establishment has from the inferiority complex thinking the days of the Ottoman Empire and see what we will be faced soon. Who is stirring up the Balkans?

Next door Greece still lives the hype of its politicians; the ruling coalition will pay one day a hefty penalty for manipulating the Greek public for the end of the bailout… Equally Brussels and their cronies MUST stop the propaganda on the end of the austerity program.

In Italy , the Morandi Bridge collapse will open the Pandora’s Box of revelations for all bridges in Italy, Europe and the World at large. With almost 43 or 45 confirmed deaths and many injured, as well as many losing their homes and well being, things can turn sour for those responsible. Watch this space! Pity and Shame!

How to BREXIT is gone to be interesting and what same will mean for a few billion of people worldwide. Let’s wait and see what Mrs may holds under her sleeve?

In Venezuela the exodus to the neighbouring countries take colossal dimensions! Maduro’s days are numbered… Another tragedy still going on!

The  deadly Kerala floods in India should raise the alarm for prevention evacuation measures; caution now! Shoddy urban planning MUST change here and now; remember Chennai in 2015 with nearly 70 death!

North and South Korean family’s reunited for the first time after six decades; enough. A just solution must be the focus for all there!

In Africa now; Zuma’s file on corruption opens; can he escape? South Africans MUST know what really happened

Have a nice evening and remain on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and Criminals of any kind wherever you are on Planet Ocean!


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