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When the ABS Operating Model launched last spring, Dr. Elias Kariambas was recruited from his duties with the Global Ship Systems Center (GSSC) to join the newly formed Business Development team.  Elias was a successful first director, having supported the GSSC from its inception in June 2017 through April 2018.

Now, the director reigns are in the hands of Dr. Chris Leontopoulos, who will also continue his post as chairman of the Hellenic Technical Committee, an advisory arm that was established in tandem with the GSSC.

Dr. Chris Leontopoulos (right) describes the Rotor Kit used for machinery diagnostics training to Minas Giaouzis, technical manager of Thenamaris Ships Management company, during the opening of the GSSC in June 2017

The center establishes a premier research and development facility for ABS focused on integrated ship systems in the marine and offshore industries. Although located in Greece, the team supports all ABS clients worldwide.

“The GSSC can alternatively be described as an ABS ‘A-Team’,” said Chris. “It demonstrates a small reflection of Houston engineering disciplines. Experts can be quickly dispatched either locally or around the world where ABS clients need a fast response.”

Through a systems-based approach, the GSSC addresses the increasing complexity of mechanical and cyber-enabled systems on board vessels. As these systems are increasingly interconnected and optimized, a more advanced approach to address design and construction is required.

Currently, there are 39 on-going projects within GSSC ranging from environmental regulations to cyber-security, vessel performance, propulsion shafting and prime movers.

The team is always looking for new problems to solve. Contact Chris Leontopoulos with your ideas and suggestions.

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