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Berlin strains to flare again, Cities as drivers of global growth

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Chancellor Angela Merkel

Commentary: Berlin strains to flare again

By David Marsh in Berlin

Strains in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s three-party coalition, which appear to have died down during the summer, seem ready to flare again. This will significantly influence German policy-making in fields ranging from budgetary policy to reforming EMU. A major factor contributing to Berlin coalition tension between Merkel’s Christian Democrats, their Bavarian Christian Social Union allies and the Social Democrats is the Bavarian state election on 14 October, one of the most important provincial German polls since unification in 1990.

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Barings-OMFIF seminar: Technology, investment and the future of cities

Wednesday 10 October, Singapore, 10:30 SST

This year’s OMFIF-Barings seminar explores how the world’s cities propel global growth. Heenam Choi, CEO of the Korea Investment Corporation, joins a panel of experts to discuss how new technologies will make cities more sustainable and examine the trade-offs between privacy, security and convenience. The meeting will bring together participants from around the world from both the public and private sectors, as well as delegates of the IMF-World Bank Group annual meetings.

Request to attend the meeting.

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