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‘Tokenisation’ of infrastructure assets, The valuation of real assets

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Commentary: ‘Tokenisation’ of infrastructure assets

By Mitchell Chan and Darius Sit in Singapore

A large funding gap exists in the infrastructure space. Available funding covers only 10% of sanctioned projects, while 90% of financing for Asian infrastructure projects comes from the public sector. Private sector participation has been prescribed as a remedy for the funding shortfall – but this solution demands a supportive framework to make the assets more tradable and palatable to investors. The ‘tokenisation’ of assets through blockchain technology can play an important role in developing this structure.

Read the full commentary on the website.

Meeting: The valuation of real assets 



Thursday 27 September, New York, 11:45 EDT

Global public investors have become more active in alternative assets such as energy, infrastructure and other sectors in the real economy. OMFIF and Duff & Phelps are bringing together a global audience of high-ranking public investors, as well as private sector investors and asset managers, to discuss macroeconomic issues that affect the real asset market. The meeting will cover methods for the valuation of real assets, challenges facing sovereign investors and global developments influencing real asset investments.

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