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Happy New Year, Happy 2019 !

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Happy New Year to all 7.6 billion people all over Planet Ocean!

I suppose one thing one could say is that there have never been so many cross-currents for international shipping – in other words you have the demands created by the sulphur cap, with its conflicting ‘solutions,’ various dual-fuel formulae to power ships, the emergence of LNG as both cargo and fuel, the imminence (perhaps) of autonomous ships, the advantages of new technology, the risks of cyber-fraud, and the chaos of other frauds such as bunker double-dealing.  Not to mention the difficulty of the IMO and other regulatory impulses keeping up. John Faraclas writes:

The Markets down with the BDI ending the year at 1,271 points… another successful prediction from this medium leaving the rest far behind!

Top issue Geopolitics with the Migrants “leading” the way in both sides of the Atlantic – a pandemic thanks to the incapacitated politicians and diplomats…

The Wars and the coming new Wars in a bankrupt  Planet Ocean… with nearly US$ 250 trillion of Global Debt will be the name of the game; any objection?

BREXIT, BREXIT, BREXIT and the world goes round… The Tsunami to be…

Above all, all eyes and ears are with USA’s president Trump and his decisions causing havoc to all…

You can see  live  the 2018 Recap and a few predictions for 2019 and …beyond in the video that follows at the end of the text.

We also like to thank all our supporters in making allaboutshipping the forefront of many exclusive news!

Have a nice evening this first day of 2019 – a year dubbed to be the year of many changes and rebuilding; and mind the monetary disruptions. The catch phrase is: All Change!  From the 5th of February also the Year of the Pig begins… Continue to be on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans wherever you are on Planet Ocean!


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