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American Club circular no.13/19 – Management News – Shipowners Claims Bureau (UK) Ltd

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Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman and CEO, Shipowners Claims Bureau, Managers for The American Club


APRIL 15, 2019
Dear Member:
Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. (SCB) is bidding farewell to some of its London office staff who have in recent years been mainly engaged in servicing the American P&I Club’s Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM) fixed premium brand.
SCB has recently strengthened its EOM service capabilities throughout its offices across the globe. This has been driven by the steady expansion of EOM’s portfolio over the years, including a more than 40% increase in written premium over the past twelve months alone.
Accordingly, EOM’s commitment to providing unsurpassed cover, claims and loss prevention services will remain an unrelenting focus of SCB’s dedicated worldwide management teams. These EOM capabilities are augmented by a large global network of claims correspondents attendant upon its affiliation with an International Group P&I club.
Chris Lowe has been appointed as EOM Senior Marketing & Business Development Liaison, in addition to maintaining his existing responsibilities concerning the business of the American Club. Chris is well known to many of EOM’s and the Club’s business counterparts, having worked for the London liaison office for several years in related roles.
Despina Beveratou assumes the role of Claims Liaison Manager in respect of EOM business in particular, with a parallel role in regard to American Club matters, and in addition to her role as Correspondents’ Manager. Despina has many years’ experience of P&I and related claims handling, both in the shipowning and marine insurance domains, and will be supported by the considerable capabilities of SCB’s regional offices which will continue to magnify EOM’s global reach.
Jamie Baggett assumes the position of EOM Marketing & Business Development Liaison, chiefly in support of Chris Lowe. Jamie is also well known to many of the SCB London office’s associates, particularly in regard to the documentary aspects of EOM business.
It is also very pleasing to inform Members and Insureds that Simon Collins will continue to fulfill his important duties as consultant to the Managers in their London office in regard to the development of EOM business in particular. A highly regarded P&I professional with unmatched industry experience as both underwriter and broker, Simon will have a vital role in the development of EOM-related business in that office, as well as in regard to its affairs generally.
The considerable capabilities of SCB’s global network, as previously mentioned, remain at the disposal of both EOM Insureds and American Club Members. These capabilities are coordinated so as to provide seamless service whenever and wherever it may be required, anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.
EOM’s Insureds, their intermediaries and its other business associates and friends, in addition to those of the American Club and its Members, can be certain that the superior service to which they have become accustomed will continue with undiminished energy and effectiveness in the future. In particular, the gold standard of American Club service, for which EOM has itself gained a defining reputation, will continue to characterize the growing market presence of both insurers over the months and years ahead.
Yours faithfully,
Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman & CEO
Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc., Managers for

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