Home Banking Denis MacShane on the Swiss-EU row, Mark Sobel and other policy experts on the G20, and more

Denis MacShane on the Swiss-EU row, Mark Sobel and other policy experts on the G20, and more

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Denis MacShane on the Swiss-EU row, Mark Sobel and other policy experts on the G20, and more


24-28 June 2019 Vol.10 Ed.26



Swiss-EU row offers taste of Brexit

A stand-off with the EU has left Swiss bourses facing a shut-out from trading across Europe, a foretaste of what could befall London after Brexit, writes Denis MacShane. The situation in Zürich illustrates how little room for manoeuvre there is when a country demands a special status for internal political reasons.
Financial market manipulation
Oonagh McDonald, an international financial regulatory expert, author and former Labour party politician, will discuss the Libor, foreign exchange, gold and silver price fixing scandals. She will outline recommendations for regulatory reforms to improve the security of the financial services industry.
Ahead of the G20
Wally Adeyemo, senior adviser at BlackRock, joins OMFIF’s Mark Sobel to discuss the G20 meeting. Wally was senior international economic adviser to President Obama and served as his representative to the G20. They outline the main issues on the Osaka agenda and the continuing relevance of the G20.
British and German economic diplomacy
At this roundtable Jakob von Weizsäcker, chief economist at the German finance ministry, will give an overview of the state of the German economy. Along with the UK Treasury, the speakers will outline how the UK and Germany can build on their economic and financial links.
G20 must adapt to new global reality
In anticipation of the 14th G20 summit on 28-29 June, to be hosted in Osaka by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, OMFIF US Chairman Mark Sobel asked a group of policy experts to answer questions about the efficacy and future of the G20, which must adapt to new global economies realities and challenges.
International capital markets conference
The conference, organised with DZ BANK, will bring together policy-makers and financial experts to discuss political and macroeconomic developments in Europe and beyond. It will cover key challenges for capital markets, alternative assets and the impact of climate change on the financial sector.
Global financial stability
Fabio Natalucci, deputy director of the monetary and capital markets department at the International Monetary Fund, joins Patricia Haas Cleveland, US principal at OMFIF, to discuss the IMF’s global financial stability report, ‘Vulnerabilities in a Maturing Credit Cycle.’
Global Public Investor 2019
The sixth annual Global Public Investor, devoted to public sector asset ownership and management, and governance and asset allocation for official institutions around the world, is out now. Global Public Investors represent a core component of capital markets, with total holdings estimated at $36tn.



All eyes on G20 sidelines
In the second article about the forthcoming G20 meeting, a group of policy experts discuss how the Osaka summit offers an opportunity for states to tone down dangerous trade rhetoric. ‘All eyes will be on what happens outside the meeting,’ with world leaders slated to convene for critical bilateral discussions.
Central banks and social media
OMFIF’s Danae Kyriakopoulou and Pierre Ortlieb discuss the growing prominence of social media in central bank communications strategies. They touch upon the importance of communications in an era of unconventional monetary policy, and broader trends around central banks’ presence on Twitter.


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