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Join in the festivities of the August 15 holiday in Attica, under the majestic full moon!

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The full moon above the Temple of Posidon at Cape Sounion

Join in the festivities of the August 15 holiday in Attica, under the majestic full moon!

The greatest religious holiday of the summer and the most enchanting full moon of the year in a magical combination! This August in Attica we visit beautiful destinations with unique traditions and customs, and join in fascinating cultural events under the majestic August full moon.

“Dekapentavgoustos” in a reverent and festive atmosphere
The 15th of August is devoted to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and churches across Attica that are dedicated to Panagia (Mother of God) welcome thousands of people every year for the grand celebration. Also known as the “Easter of the summer”, it is a national holiday in Greece that is commemorated with great enthusiasm throughout Attica and culminates in festivities and fairs (panigyria) that last up to three days. The decorated central squares in villages and the courtyards of the churches are filled with locals and foreign visitors who participate with excitement and joy.

Dekapentavgoustos in Attica is celebrated with reverent services and glorious festivities at the Monastery of the Panagia ton Kliston (Virgin of the Closed Defiles), in northern Fily, amidst a stunning lush landscape. In the beautiful region of Troezen, at the seaside town of Vidi, lies the Holy Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary that offers a majestic view of Poros island. Every year, the town’s traditional 15th of August festival attracts visitors not only from the area, but from all over the world.
The Monastery of Faneromeni in Salamina hosts the island’s most jubilant festival, from 19 to 25 August. Hundreds of visitors attend the mass, followed by the icon procession that takes place on 23 August, accompanied by the coast guard.
In Spetses, the church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary in Kasteli celebrates the Dekapentavgoustos gloriously and the whole island attends the festivities to honour the great occasion. Every year, beginning of August marks the launch of “Theomitorika” events in Hydra, organised by the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos. Festivities culminate on 15 August and last until the evening of 22 August.
You cannot have Dekapentavgoustos in Aegina without a traditional festival: the historic Monastery of Panagia Chryssoleontissa with the miraculous icon organises the greatest fair on the island. A magnificent route across a lush landscape in Agistri takes you to the little church of Panagia in Metochi, which welcomes all visitors in Dekapentavgoustos, at the most impressive festivities on the island. In Potamos, Kythera’s largest village, a joyous festival takes place at the beautiful central square, with plenty of dance, food and local wine.

From the centre of Athens to the smallest village in Attica, no matter where you are on the day of Dekapentavgoustos, you will definitely come across a church that celebrates Virgin Mary. Join in the festivities and experience unique moments of tradition, joy, methexis and endless fun!

A majestic night under the August full moon
On Thursday 15 August, the most magnificent full moon of the year will adorn the sky of Attica, offering an enchanting spectacle! Like every year, various museums, monuments and archaeological sites across Attica will be open for the public, hosting concerts and other cultural events with free entry for all. The events start from 11 August, they culminate on the 15th and last until 19 August.

The National Archaeological Museum will remain open in the evening of the 15th of August, hosting events with musical ensembles, as well as thematic guided tours in the permanent exhibitions of the museum. All-day free access to the Western Hills – Ηills of the Muses (Philopappos), the Pnyx, and the Nymphs (Observatory) – will give visitors the opportunity to marvel not only the magnificent landscape of the area but also the breathtaking view of the Acropolis in the light of the full moon.

The Archaeological Site of Amphiaraeio in Oropos will remain open for the public until midnight, hosting an event that features a recorded recitation of poems by prominent Greek poets and music. The Castle Of Chora on Kythera island and the permanent Exhibition Of Blazons will be open for visitors until midnight.

Enjoy a special summer night in Attica, in sites of stunning beauty and breathtaking history, under the enchanting August full moon!

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