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Ocean Industry Associations to Gather at WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit

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Ocean Industry Associations to Gather at WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit

World Ocean Council to Convene the 2nd Global Roundtable of Ocean Industry Association Leaders (ROIAL) at the SOS 2019 (Paris, 20-22 Nov, 2019)

26 September 2019

The 2nd Roundtable of Ocean Industry Association Leaders (ROIAL) will bring together ocean business and investment organizations at the World Ocean Council’s 7th Sustainable Ocean Summit (Paris, 20-22 Nov 2019).

The unique, once-in-a-decade ROIAL event gathers the leaders of ocean-related business and investment organizations. This includes the global associations for shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, oil and gas, cruise tourism, offshore wind energy, ocean energy, mining, ports, submarine cables, desalination, ocean technology, ocean engineering, biotechnology, and many other sectors, as well as representatives from insurance, investment and other organizations.

The WOC has invited more than 70 such organizations for the ROIAL meeting at the SOS 2019 in Paris, nearly 20 of whom have already confirmed they will be attending.

Ocean-related business and investment organizations who would like to request an invitation to the ROIAL event are welcome to contact the WOC at info@oceancouncil.org.

The WOC initiated the call for the 1st ROIAL as part of the 1st Sustainable Ocean Summit (Belfast, 2010). The top executives from 20 ocean-related industry associations responded by coming to this unique gathering.

In the nearly 10 years since that time, concerns regarding the health and future of the ocean – and the attention to industry’s role and responsibilities – have increased well beyond what business leaders could have imagined, and will only continue to accelerate. Industry efforts by companies to address ocean challenges have also increased significantly over the past decade.

The need, opportunity and value for international, cross-sectoral industry leadership, collaboration and action on ocean sustainable development is thus greater than ever. The ROIAL event in 2019 will bring together industry leaders to advance global business leadership, collaboration and action on “Corporate Ocean Responsibility” at the scale and pace needed to address ocean challenges.

The ROIAL will consider the priority sustainable development challenges facing ocean industries, synergy and coordination in the ocean business community, and the priorities for collaboration on ocean sustainable development.

The 2nd ROIAL event is part of the now-annual WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) – the only regular, high-level, industry-driven gathering of the multi-sectoral global ocean business community that is focused on sustainable development.

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