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Veristar Equipment, the latest BV platform, supports manufacturers

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Laurent Hentges, Vice-President, Operational Excellence

Veristar Equipment, the latest BV platform, supports manufacturers
Released today: Veristar Equipment is an online platform for equipment manufacturers providing a seamless, efficient and transparent process from start to finish
  • Easy for manufacturers to request equipment surveys and upload documents
  • Clear and holistic view on their certification requests status
  • Dashboard available on both desktop and mobile
  • Easy access to certificates documents and  details

Paris-La Défense, France, October 10th, 2019: Today, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore has released Veristar Equipment, the latest in its series of digital tools and applications to help make the business of classification and certification more efficient.

A comprehensive range of ship equipment requires certification by Bureau Veritas to ensure that relevant safety and classification requirements are met. This new platform is a new and user friendly route to certification for the equipment manufacturers. Veristar Equipment enables equipment manufacturers to request and manage online their demands for equipment surveys, monitor the progress of the status of the certification process – as well as receive automatic and detailed calendar updates.

Veristar Equipment Interface

Visibility on the status of all requests is vital. Confirmation of certification is available, in addition to the usual certificate, via a web link or QR Code allowing easy confirmation of certification details and validity.

Benefits to equipment manufacturers include:

  • Request of BV services online
  • Easy to arrange BV surveys to be carried out on-site and make changes
  • Simpler and flexible access at any time – and from anywhere, including mobile devices
  • Access to all the details required for the status of current orders as well as full access to certification history
  • Easy to upload documents, eliminating email
Laurent Hentges, Vice-President Operational Excellence said: ‘We have successfully introduced e-certification and online tools for our classification surveys and now with Veristar Equipment we are introducing a comparable level of efficiency, visibility, clarity and support for certification – with full transparency – in the equipment market.’

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