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Your Transformation Update from Fathom.World – 20 Oct 2019

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Your Transformation Update from Fathom.World

Hello and welcome to the week’s Transformation.
The coming 10 years has been called the decade of research and development. If shipping is to achieve the IMO’s 2050 decarbonisation target it needs to have some of the answers by 2030 in order for them to become available and spread across the global industry.
This means there has to be significant investment into solutions and ideas, and a broad range of solutions and ideas at that. I believe it is true that in the future shipping industry there will be more than one solution, but these technical low carbon ideas need collaborative partners, including shipowners, financiers, insurers and regulators.
We need a global decarbonisation fund for shipping to make this work effectively. It has been a proposal at the IMO before, part of the ways to utilise funds from a range of market-based-measures (bunker levy, emissions trading scheme), and it should be again.
In this weeks Transformation we look at how battery technology has been evolving and growing, with Samantha Fisk asking if it may be moving too quickly, and we also look at port transformation with Kalmar’s agnostic automation technology and Rotterdam’s efforts to track and trace containers..
Have a great week,
Editorial Director, Fathom World


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