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Bognor Regis – proud new owner of a BinForGreenSeas!

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l to r: Edward Bryant pupils, CEO Nigel Lynn, Fazilette Khan, Chairman Cllr Mrs Warr, Cllr Jim Brooks and Cllr Matt Stanley – Photo: Sam Stephenson

Bognor Regis – proud new owner of a BinForGreenSeas! 

Arun Council partners with GreenSeas Trust to fight marine pollution

That’s right, our second BinForGreenSeas is now settling into its new home on Bognor Regis seafront!

GreenSeas Trust Founder, Fazilette Khan, opened the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday 9th October. Guests of honour included Arun District Council Chairman, Jeanette Warr, and Arun District Council CEO, Nigel Lynn. They were joined by a lively crowd of pupils from Edward Bryant School, ward councillors, council officers and a representative from cleansing contractors, Biffa.

Arun Council hopes the Bognor Regis BinForGreenSeas will take environmental awareness to the next level and encourage people to do their bit to keep our oceans clean. Councillor Dan Purchese, Arun District Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services, expressed his high hopes for BinForGreenSeas: “Rubbish, and plastic in particular, has a major impact on beaches across the district so we’re hoping that this bin will serve as a reminder to visitors to dispose of their litter carefully.”

GreenSeas Trust Founding Trustee, Fazilette Khan, presenting BinForGreenSeas to guests. Photo: Sam Stephenson

Indeed, with its seaside charm and the nearby Butlins holiday camp, Bognor Regis welcomes in the region of 1.28 million visitors per year. That’s great for the local economy, but challenging for marine wildlife, which all too often suffers the consequences of careless waste disposal. That’s where the BinForGreenSeas comes in. As Fazilette says, “The BinForGreenSeas acts as a visual cue to make people realise the consequences of irresponsible littering and the impact this has on all of us.”

To find out more or to order a BinForGreenSeas for your town, visit www.greenseas.org or email info@greenseas.org.
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