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John Faraclas

BDI’s positive hiccup amid further Geopolitical tensions…

The BDI gained six points earlier on today and now reads 1,785 thanks to the Capes bouncing back with 53 points. Geopolitics continue to be in a perplexed deteriorating mess in all fronts in all five continents and seven seas. John Faraclas; daily recap:

The BCI with the 53 points plus approached the 3,000 points threshold and at 2,926 look it might go over and above this psychological level.

The Panamaxes’ fall continued with the BPI down 22 points at 1,748…

The Supras were down ten points and now stand at 1,200 flat!

The Handies’ BHSI lost five points and now read 637.

The Wets following the phenomenal and unprecedented rise fell further; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,227 – minus 55 and 754 – minus 60 respectively. CAUTION!

The WTI was up 26 cents at US$ 56.23… Not a nice situation. We reiterate the view that same must red US$49.99 otherwise 7 (seven) billion people continue to suffer. This is the harsh reality; end of the story!

On the Geopolitical front the orchestrated Geopolitical shameful mess continues with despicable scenarios…

The MIGRANTS continue to be the number one issue which will trigger more troubles all over Planet Ocean and mainly in Europe. Greece in particular, being in the closest proximity with Turkey from were all these caravans of migrants end up, is in a very vulnerable position and situation as there are more other hidden agendas behind all these “arrivals” with six figure illegal ones wondering around the country following their arrival from the packed Aegean Greek Islands – Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Cos… The attacks by MIGRANTS, the fighting amongst them and the mess in Samos with the local demanding that all must leave from their island, the attack of a Police Station in Thessaloniki as well as other despicable actions orchestrated by Ankara means more despicable issues the Greek state and its citizens face and will continue to face.  There are also rumours of an enhanced plan by Turkey and Islamists stirring up even other Balkans states and Turn them against Greece. We are closely watching and even monitor the situation. The European Union and NATO   M U S T intervene here and now. We reiterate the view that ONLY a Naval Blockade with a Mandate and Rules of Engagement can deter these despicable and provocative Turkish actions. There are of course the issues with lawless Libya from where MIGRANTS try their luck to come to Europe. Finally with more than 500 ISIS fighters going loose from Syria, thanks to the Turkish invasion there, thing are getting sour. There is NO excuse from the Greek Authorities to have at least 150,000 MIGRANTS lose all over the county and also it is despicable to read that doctors gave certificates to MIGRANTS for being psychologically stressed and so they remained in Greece instead of being send back to Turkey!!

The Essex despicable death of 39 Chinese in the container saws the extend of the MIGRANTS issue. There are everyday deaths / most are being drown at sea in the trip to freedom or to build up terrorists cells in Europe and possibly elsewhere!

The destabilization of the Balkans by Turkey is yet another issue which must be closely watched and as Albania and North Macedonia are not given the green light to enter the EU, things can be explosive with the greater Albanian issue. Serbia must get in the EU family. Putin’s Russia flirting thee too. Ultra-CAUTION should be observed.

The Eastern Med situ with the violations of Turkey in Cyprus’ EEZ and the provocations in the Aegean against Greece MUST end before it is too late.

The Syrian mess continues and will continue indefinitely unless the USA takes the upper hand there. The latest USA’s president attitude in Northern Syria has been condemned by all!

All in all the faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa with more than six hot spots and more to erupt must be closely monitored and contained.

BREXIT still a Gordian Knot for both sides of the British Channel. Obviously the 31st of October deadline cannot be met and an extension will be used to alleviate the coming mess. How long this will be, is another matter.

At the other side of the Atlantic the impeachment against president Trump continues as well some more issues and others re-surfacing.  Let’s see what’s going to happen there. President Trump will fight to the end to clear himself from everything he is being accused or haunted but at which cost and what will be the end result for him if he loses. What effect that will have for America (USA).-

A “bit” south now with the South Americas’ troubles: Bolivia – on fire after Morales’ win, Chile still on social upturn, chaos still in Brazil – the Amazon disaster and the oil slick unknown from were (which ship??) that damages the beaches in the Atlantic… The Argentinian new financial crisis…

The whole of Africa is in a terrible mess and two things must happen: END CORRUPTION and END the Super Powers’ proxy wars including the trade ones particularly from China!

Why closing down the climbing at Australia’s Uluru Rocks? It’s a scared rock for the Anangu people and one has to respect their wish!

The Trade War continues mainly between the USA and China. The world consumers will definitely suffer.

All in all we are also in a Recession period and not just close to it. Recession is here and will stay; add the US$ 250 trillion plus of World’s debt and see wee we are heading!

More news tomorrow with Friday weekly recap.

Ida Stier greeting guests

On another tone and note  what a night splash that was at the Hispania Restaurant at the edge of the Square Mile on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Grupo Stier. One hundred guests were present and entertained by the host Ida Stier – founder of the group and her colleagues,  as well as co-founder of WISTA Spain back in 1979! A nice and brief, but to the point power-point presentation gave us a full view of the Stier Group activities and success.

Many guests come from the P&I fraternity, Maritime Education & Training, Flag States, Law and Tourism and of course WISTAs with the ever present Maria Dixon!

Many Congratulations to Ida Stier and he team for this jovial night and entertainment with excellent hot and cold dips and drinks. We will revert with a full coverage and many more photos!!! Excellent!

Have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you ae on Planet Ocean!

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