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World-Link appraises Cybersecurity solution at IMarEST UAE

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90 delegates attended

World-Link appraises Cybersecurity solution at IMarEST UAE

Dubai, 7 Nov 2019

World-Link Communication in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) UAE Branch hosted a knowledge sharing session for 90 delegates who connected with the developing world of ship-shore communications while understanding how to future-proof their investments in safe data transmission and analytics, to enhance vessel operation efficiency and comply with regulatory requirements.

Nikeel Idnani, Honorary Secretary IMarEST UAE branch, led the official inauguration of the forum, which provided an unbiased platform for discussion of innovative developments that contribute to the growth of the marine sector, commensurate with the IMarEST’s updated brand which reflects their purpose as the global home for all marine professionals, as well as mirroring their vision for the planet and its oceans. Nikeel was reminiscent of Safety being the main driver for maritime communication with a focus on voice and distress signaling, supported by narrow-band communication methods. The current drivers he reckoned are more diverse. Shipowners today invest in advanced broadband satellite communications in order to offer welfare and entertainment to the crew and to gain commercial benefits, with operational applications requiring communications with shore.

(l to r) Andreas Protopapas, Fahad Hayee, Asad Salameh, Nikeel Idnani and Dimitrios Giouris.

Nikeel highlighted the remarkable evolution in broadband satellite installations and several initiatives have fueled development by providing a massive increase in bandwidth availability for maritime users. He ruefully divulged concurrent escalation in the reach and complexity of cyber-attacks in the shipping industry. Consequently, cyber security has become a concern and should be considered as an integral part of overall safety management, concluded Nikeel.

Dimitrios Giouris, Sales & Marketing Director of the award-winning provider of customizable, comprehensive maritime satellite communications solutions presented World-Link Communication’s signature solution “VSAT ShipSat service. The new flexibility”. This is the only complete end-to-end maritime broadband solution designed to fit the increasing bandwidth needs of merchant shipping while managing and controlling costs of broadband and its technologies.

Asad Salameh receives IMarEST memento

He delved into details of the groundbreaking ShipSat 2.0 which is World-Link Communications vessel located Gateway, providing centralized remote and proactive management of vessel’s satellite broadband communications. ShipSat 2.0 is accessible from ashore through customized access dashboards which provide customers the ability to manage all vessel daily operations from their headquarters. The enhanced configuration module of ShipSat 2.0 provides the IT department with a set of crucial administration tools. Ship managers have a wide range of sections to accommodate a fleet standard. Templates for temporary changes on a single vessel, group of vessels or even on a fleet level can be conveniently applied with a few clicks. Optimized User Administration on shore simplifies the management of a big fleet by dividing fleets to sub-fleets, in order to meet a variety of clients’ requirements.

Geoff Allsop, Director for Intellian, the global leader of mobile satellite communication antenna systems, unveiled the all-new NX series Ku- to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT terminal. The antenna is designed to simplify and streamline the entire VSAT lifecycle, enabling access to multiple global satellite communication services, providing the crucial connectivity required to leverage new efficiency and welfare enhancing digital applications.  This cutting-edge dual-band convertible antenna allows it to be future-proof through its GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit), MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation tracking capabilities. It also features an optimized reflector and radome designed to perform efficiently across 2.5GHz wideband Ka network services in the future.

NIkeel Idnani, hon secretary IMarEST UAE

The threat to cyber security has become an urgent matter in the shipping industry. Onboard critical digital assets have become vulnerable to continued cyber-attacks. Ship Owners and Managers are looking for ways to harden onboard IT infrastructure security to maintain safety of the vessels, crew and cargo. World-Link’s cyber security offering delivers a secure managed infrastructure that offers a holistic approach to fleet security, as was reflected in the insightful presentation ‘ShipSecure – unique Cybersecurity offering to the Maritime world’ by Asad Salameh, CEO & President World-Link Communications who kept his core message focused and brief. A Computer virus can spread from one host to another like human viruses. The best way to handle malicious attacks is to fight them before they do any damage. With access to the latest global threat intelligence information, ShipSecure maintains the integrity of the information being transmitted between a vessel and the internet. Advanced Malware and ransomware protection, application awareness, URL & IP filtering, advanced identity control, and network firewalling are but a few of the capabilities of ShipSecure. “With enhanced broadband services on-board the fleet, the vessel today is as vulnerable to a cyber-attack as any office ashore. ShipSecure delivers on-board vulnerability assessment, real-time protection and threat mitigation through a multi-layered approach addressing cyber threat at each level of a vessel’s network infrastructure. ShipSecure features provide IT and network security managers, complete visibility to the fleet security posture through a number of managed configuration and real-time reporting.” candidly revealed Asad.

During both presentations, there were lively interactive discussions between the speakers and the audience who evidently savored the knowledge. The culminating reception by the poolside at the rooftop of the Canvas hotel, hosted by World-Link Communications welcomed the many industry leaders to Dubai for this premier shipping industry event, raising the profile of the regional maritime sector.

A short video of the evening can be viewed on http://marinebiztv.com/content/videoarchive/435

About the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST)

The IMarEST which is headquartered in London, is an international professional body and learned society for marine engineers, scientists and technologists. With its global appeal, consultative status at IMO, collaborative undertakings with governments worldwide and international standing, IMarEST is, inter alia, the preferred partner for sharing knowledge and dissemination of information to a broad spectrum of marine professionals at local and international levels. More details can be accessed via www.imarest.org

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