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Taking on Karl Marx

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Karl Marx

Taking on Karl Marx…

During one of our trips last February in north central Europe to cover inland waterways, we passed by the City of Trier on the River  Mosel, one of the most ancient towns of the Roman Empire,  for many the most ancient city in Germany and birthplace of Karl Marx nearly 200 years ago.

Karl Marx is the most famous son of Trier. Like no other he analysed the unprecedented dynamics of his own time and criticized  the growing inequality and exploitation. The “Communist Manifesto” and “Capital” are today part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. The recognition of his life’s work beyond legends and ideological appropriation is of great heritage to Trier. His ideas were ambushed last century for the establishment and justification of dictatorships. His enquiries into philosophy and economics can still serve today to refine our vision of the problems of modern times.  I couldn’t resist the momentum and …took them on…


For one reason or another the live video was lost in …perpetuity, but Anny Zade managed to retrieve same from the cloud of …doubt:

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