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Instabank admitted to trading at Oslo Børs

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Instabank admitted to trading at Oslo Børs

Instabank has today been admitted to trading on Merkur Market. Banks have flocked to the Oslo Børs marketplaces in recent years to finance their growth plans.

“Thanks to our admission to trading at Oslo Børs, everything is now in place for new and existing shareholders to join us in achieving our growth plans. We are now traded on a well-known marketplace, and this will create increased awareness of the bank and raise its profile among investors, business partners, suppliers and customers”, comments Robert Berg, the CEO of Instabank.

Fully digital bank
Instabank is a fully digital bank that offers loan products, savings and insurance to consumers in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The bank also offers payment solutions for businesses.
“We have taken strategic steps in order to become an attractive paytech partner to businesses that want to develop their business model. As a fully digital, cost-efficient bank, we have a strong competitive advantage in this market”, explained Robert Berg at the bank’s quarterly results presentation last Thursday.

An ever-increasing number of banks at Oslo Børs
17 banks have been admitted to listing or trading at Oslo Børs since 2015. These banks have together raised a total of NOK 10.6 billion in new equity in connection with and following their admission to listing or trading. Eleven of the banks that have been admitted to listing or trading are savings banks.

Oslo Børs is also an important source of debt capital for these banks. Their borrowing through debt instruments listed on Oslo Børs marketplaces currently totals NOK 1195 billion.

Banks listed since 2015 Market Place Year of admission Market cap (NOK billion) Equity issued (NOK billion)
Norwegian Finans Holding Oslo Børs 2016 13.983 0.518
SpareBank 1 Østlandet Oslo Børs 2017 10.239 3.064
Sbanken Oslo Børs 2015 7.288 3.964
Pareto Bank Oslo Børs 2016 2.717 0.600
Sparebanken Telemark Oslo Børs 2018 1.406 0.542
Komplett Bank Oslo Børs 2017 1.379 0.929
Instabank* Merkur Market 2020 0.466 0.000
Grong Sparebank Merkur Market 2017 0.327 0.045
BRAbank Merkur Market 2017 0.299 0.434
SpareBank 1 Nordvest Oslo Børs 2017 0.243 0.120
Romsdal Sparebank Merkur Market 2020 0.227 0.000
Surnadal Sparebank Merkur Market 2018 0.217 0.074
Tysnes Sparebank Merkur Market 2017 0.170 0.080
Sunndal Sparebank Merkur Market 2018 0.154 0.045
Lillestrøm Sparebank Merkur Market 2017 0.128 0.105
Nidaros Sparebank Merkur Market 2019 0.118 0.045
Aasen Sparebank Merkur Market 2016 0.116 0.065
Total 39.478 10.629

* Close on NOTC 14 August used for market cap.


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