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Insurance Museum – Fundraise Launched

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Insurance Museum – Fundraise Launched

Target of £3 million per year will enable the delivery of a world-class visitor centre in the City of London, together with digital tools, a documentary series and educational outreach to engage the next generation of insurance professionals

London, 7th September, 2020: The organisers behind the Insurance Museum Initiative (IM IN), a ground-breaking project to open the door on the world of insurance and reinsurance and share its incredible story inclusively for all audiences, are today excited to announce the launch of the inaugural IM IN fundraising campaign.

The fundraising target is for a minimum of £3 million per year, to enable the delivery of the IM, sustain operations, fulfil activities and to achieve the IM’s long-term objectives for a permanent world-class free-to-enter visitor venue in the City of London.

IM IN will also see the development of the Virtual IM, including an archive, documentary series and apps providing digital tools to support nation-wide education outreach activities to share the story of insurance.

An earlier feasibility study for the IM IN gathered overwhelming support from across the market, including; CEOs, graduates, market associations, the Corporation of Lloyd’s, and The City of London Corporation, and attracted high profile sponsors from across our global profession.

Launched today, the fundraising campaign is now seeking the support of our profession’s insurers, brokers and service providers in the form of pledges to finance the initiative and bring the ambitions behind IM IN to reality.

The fundraising campaign is open for pledges until 7th December, with donations receivable by April 2021.

Reg Brown

Reg Brown, Chairman of the Insurance Museum Initiative, said:

“The Insurance Museum is an initiative that we should all support – especially now, at a time when career opportunities for younger generations are of utmost importance for society. The impact of COVID-19 on the 16-25 year old age group is not something that we will get over quickly. Providing education and awareness of career opportunities is now more important than ever.

The Insurance Museum will be a valuable conduit or connection point that can provide a programme of activity and information to engage those in education, or for those looking to transfer their skills or access training for new opportunities in the diverse world of insurance.

It’s not often that a truly worthy initiative comes along, deserving the full support of the (re)insurance sector, but the IM is exactly that, inspired by the CII’s Royal Charter to build public trust in the insurance profession.

So today we are urging our profession to say I’M IN and do what you or your company can in support of this worthy initiative and write down your company’s name in history on this fundraising ‘pledge’ form as an ‘IM Founder’.”

Jonathan Squirrell

Insurance Museum Project Manager Jonathan Squirrell said:

“IM IN is a drive to promote the inclusivity, diversity and flexibility of our industry through a physical museum and a range of innovative virtual activities that bridge the knowledge gap about insurance and connect with new audiences. We have been heartened and hugely encouraged by the support and expressions of interest we have received so far from across the global insurance profession, and are excited today to be launching the fundraising campaign after years of planning.

The devastating impact of the global pandemic crisis will cast a long shadow over our society. As we hope to return to a degree of normality, we feel now is the time to progress fundraising for the initiative with a view to opening the doors of a physical museum next year, accompanied by a vibrant and engaging range of virtual educational outreach activities.

This really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the whole (re)insurance community to come together, to curate and to share the positive story of insurance’s impact on global resilience for all to enjoy, and to attract and inspire future generations to join this wonderful profession.”

For more information and to access the IM IN pledge documents please click here.

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Richard Clarke September 16, 2020 - 11:32 AM

In the USA, it will be of some importance to have the Insurance Museum registered as a 501(c)3 organization, as contributions to such organizations are tax deductible for individual and corporate donors. I suspect that especially retired insurance executives will be motivated to make significant donations, if they know these are tax deductible. Is the Insurance Museum undertaking the filing of forms in the USA to achieve 501(c)3 tax status??


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