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Prime’s Bunkersplus Posidonia 2020 Webinar invitation

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Prime’s Bunkersplus Posidonia 2020 Webinar invitation

 It is “prime time” to talk!
Fri., October 30, 2020  15:00 hrs ΕΕΤWe invite you to
Prime’s Bunkersplus free 1-hour Briefing on Bunkers today: Bunker Industry experts confront the challenges of VLSFO 0.50%
Dispersing facts, unveiling myths and safeguarding ethics.”Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the facts first hand from bunker industry leaders.
This briefing is a casual discussion and will bring forth a better understanding of what is what in Bunkers today.

Event powered by Slide2Open Communications 

Following the cancellation of the Posidonia Exhibition this October, the organizers are bringing together leading maritime media and organizations during what would have been Posidonia exhibition week for a series of web conferences and forums under the banner “It’s time to talk”.

For agenda details, registration and to view our webinar on October 30th, please click: https://www.slide2open.net/en/shippingfinance2021/

Who should attend : CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, Bunker Buyers, Technical Managers, Accounting Dept heads, P&I Clubs

Looking to cooperate in the following areas : Quality claims and Bunker fuels financing

Organizer & Moderator:
IRENE NOTIAS, MANAGING DIRECTOR/SR. BUNKER BROKER – PRIME’S BUNKERSPLUS SERVICES: Long time bunker broker, Irene Notias’ mission is to help her clients sustain their businesses.  In this webinar, she decided to gather colleagues who are in the position to share facts about the new compliant fuel and credit — what makes it go round; with two comical scenes from Abbott & Costello’s that contrast this presentation (“Who’s on first” & “ 7 x 13”), educating and providing accurate information to clients, makes for better decision making & better results.  A little comic twist always helps bring more understanding.  It’s “prime time” that we enforce a trust between suppliers and buyers.
CHRIS FISHER, FIMarEST, CONSULTANT FUEL SPECIALIST, MARINE ENGINEER – BROOKES BELL LLP: A fellow of The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), Chris sailed as Chief Engineer for years, till he came ashore with Texaco in 1981; before moving into consultancy, he had also joined DNVPS and then the Inspectorate group as Director of their Northern European companies. In 2003 he started his own company Bunker Claims International Ltd which was taken over by Brookes Bell in 2011. He continues to publish, give lectures, attend workshops and provide consultancy services.
CHRISTIAN KINT, CEO – OILCHART INTERNATIONAL NV: Born in Antwerp. He studied Maritime Law and logistics. He founded Oilchart in 1982 and is still the director. After his studies he started his career as a shipping agent in Buenos Aires, where he was working for 3 years. After a most interesting time in Argentina he came back to Antwerp and worked for a few years for Cast, a container line between Antwerp and Montreal. He started out as a bunker broker before he became a fuels supplier. 38 years in this bunkering business, in good and bad times, is quite an experience which requires lots of flexibility.
ALEXANDRA GANA, OPERATIONS MANAGER – GANMAR SHIPPING: Holds 4 University degrees in Maritime Studies. She worked in the UK for nearly a year in oil trading and freight forwarding then came to work for her family’s shipping company where she remains until today as Operations Manager. In 2001 she achieved the Greek License of Shipping Agent for the port of Piraeus, Elefsis and Lavrio. Member of WISTA and HSSA.
PAUL MILLAR, BUNKER CREDIT MANAGEMENT – BOMIN BUNKER OIL CORP: Began his career in maritime credit management in ’84. Moved to MRC Business Information Group in ’89 where as Intelligence Director he managed both the credit reporting and companies/ports data side of the business. In 2009, moved to Bomin as Head of Credit for the Group. In 2020, he continues to provide credit management for Bomin through Bunker Credit Management Ltd.
Special guests:
MUSTAFA MUHTAROĞLU, CEO – ENERGY PETROL SHIPPING TRADE & INDUSTRY INC: In the bunker industry since 1986. Founder of the Turkish physical bunker supplier Energy Petrol. Elected to the Turkish Chamber of Shipping and lBlA council and board several times. Chairman for the Istanbul bunker conference 5 times and speaker at many industry events.
NICOLAS VUKELJA DUQUE, CEO – TERRAMAR OIL & SERVICES: President of The Panama Maritime Chamber and starter of The Panama Bunkering Procedure Manual for local operations. CEO of Terramar, a bunkering and barge service company with over 10 years in Panama and co-owner of Universal Xpress Financial Services, a 3 years company offering loans, leasing, factoring and other services.
NIGEL DRAFFIN, BOARD MEMBER & HONORARY TREASURER – IBIA: Served at sea with Shell from 1966 then coming ashore for many years before moving to bunker broking and then to Technical Manager. He has acted as a consultant on technical issues for over 22 years and is a supporting member of LMAA. He is a founder member of IBIA, the course director of the Petrospot bunkering courses and has written 12 books on Bunkering and Shipping.
Summary : A casual discussion for better understanding of what is what in Bunkers today and common-sense advice. For Executives, Owners, Buyers, Technical, Accounting, P&I & Legal. The one-hour webinar will shed light on the roots of the VLSFO 0.5% claims and credit line problems facing the industry. Organized by Prime’s Bunkersplus – a Bunker Buying Management Service Provider and powered by Slide2Open Communications the event is pre-recorded and will air on 30 October.
Thank you for your confidence. We remain,

at your service,

Irene Notias
Thanasis Theoharis
Teri Houhouli
Prime’s Bunkersplus Services
Your Bunker Buying Management Service Provider 
(as brokers only)

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