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Menia Kouli for Art’s sake

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Menia Kouli for Art’s sake

Menia Kouli

One of the candidates in this 2nd GIWA Awards, in the Arts Category, is Menia Kouli who is also featuring in Arts, social related articles and events in Allaboutshipping.co.uk.

She responds to Anny Zade’s quick questionnaire as follows:

Tell us briefly about yourself.

I love what I do. I am devoted and passionate about contemporary arts. I got my BA in Business Administration from the University of Laverne and for more than 18 years I have been promoting, communicating and demonstrating the importance of Greek contemporary arts and Greek artists both in Greece and abroad. I have worked with very important people in this environment and field, endorsing, providing and showing the world that Greece does in fact exist! Working alongside and learning from them helped empowering me to continue and never quit, despite the personal difficulties I had to face as a mother, daughter and wife. I love to work and I think that my job is of great importance, not only for success but as a way of my personal development.

Why do you think you should win the GIWA in your field of expertise? 

In Greece my field of expertise in fact does not exist! Probably no one else or very few and especially women have specialised in public relations and communications for contemporary art. Contrary to this, this field is obviously of great importance in European countries and the US. From the age of 23 I have worked with passion and devotion in some of the greatest galleries, such as Mihalarias Art, I managed on my own an art gallery and now, for the last 3 years I work for the most important Greek contemporary artist, Takis, who passed away in August 2019 and his international Foundation, the Takis Foundation.

What is the international aspect of your career?

I have worked with internationally renowned artists such as Chryssa, Vassiliki and Takis. For the exhibition entitled “Takis” specifically, which took place at Tate Modern in London in Summer 2019 , I collaborated with one of the most important teams worldwide, Tate’s team, and the success was huge. Tate Modern Museum is one of the most important Museums globally. I have also communicated and organised exhibitions for foreign artists in Greece and I am in constant touch with colleagues abroad. Recently, I worked with the public relations team of one of the leading international contemporary arts gallery, White Cube to announce and proceed the cooperation of White Cube and the Takis Foundation. A fact that gives an impact to the international art scene, since never before, in the recent art history, a Greek artist and his foundation, have ever collaborated with such a big, famous, art gallery, such as White Cube. 

Why your achievements are an inspiration for others?

I think that other women are inspired by my efforts, since I have managed all these by myself with virtually no support. I receive messages very often showing their admiration and support. I believe that when you love what you do and you don’t quit, even through the hardships and adversities, others understand, appreciate and support these efforts. Contemporary arts in general in Greece are led mostly by men, very few women managed to lead. Recently I was invited to become a member of a very promising association of women in culture and tourism. My aim through the association is to promote Greek contemporary arts internationally and especially women in the arts like the ones I have worked with: Chryssa, the Greek international sculptress, Vassiliki, the Greek international contemporary sculptress. The lessons I took to heart and I am fortunate to be spreading are of resilience and passion, with a vision of collective growth and benefit. A strong, confident and experienced woman in business and arts, is an inspiration which is modern, genderless and timeless. 

What is your impact on your field of expertise and what are your aspirations?
I have communicated successfully to the public that contemporary arts do exist. In Greece we have the classic arts and antiquities but contemporary arts are also of great interest and importance. On one hand the growth of this field in a country like Greece is naturally a rise in targeted tourism, but more importantly, I aspire the birth of more international contemporary galleries and museums, which in turn would provoke and motivate the people to discover, to learn and to fall in love with art. Lastly, I yearn to see global interest in terms of attention and of course investments, as it truly is a spectacular opportunity for markets and people.

And finally, what about Art and Shipping

It’s important to mention that shipping and art are interconnected. Greek Ship-owners in particular, are very important collectors and love especially contemporary art.

In all art history, cargo owners, charterers, ships masters, marine insurers, surveyors, shipping lawyers, ship finance bankers, shipbrokers and generally people from shipping  were very fond of art because they used to travel all around the world and admired the collections of the museums and art galleries. Lastly, look how many pieces of art are prominently featuring on board cruise ships and yachts…

Thank you very much Menia Kouli and wish you every success.


2nd GIWA – Voting

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