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Fed can crush ‘bond vigilantes’ if it chooses, and more

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Fed can crush ‘bond vigilantes’ if it chooses, and more


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15-19 March 2021, Vol.12 Ed.11

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Fed can crush ‘bond vigilantes’ if it chooses: The Federal Open Market Committee met this week amid heated debate over the nature and state of the market for US government bonds. The Treasury market presents a challenging problem for the FOMC. Yields have risen dramatically, at a pace that has proved difficult for markets to digest and has resulted in considerable volatility. If financial conditions get out of hand, the Fed may be forced to eventually quell long-term yields with more powerful policy tools on unwanted terms, writes Pierre Ortlieb. 

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Financial policy-makers weigh in on gender balance: During a series of discussions to mark the launch of the eighth edition of OMFIF’s Gender Balance Index, top financial policy-makers and business leaders offered solutions for addressing imbalance, write Natalia Ospina and Levine Thio. Read more

Banque de France Digital Currency Seminar: Join the Banque de France and ACPR, the French banking and insurance supervisory authority for a virtual seminar on Digital Currency. This discussion is part of the OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute. Register to attend.

Leveraging digital solutions for banking: Bhavin Patel, head of fintech research at OMFIF, is joined by Judd Caplain, global head of banking and capital markets at KPMG, and Olivier Dang, global chief operating officer for the wholesale digital office at Nomura, to discuss digitalisation trends and how new initiatives can be successful. Listen.

ESG criteria are distorting markets and portfolio decisions: It is up to individuals and institutions to adapt as best they can to the changing landscape. The risk is that governments, re-energised by interventions and the powers afforded to them by the pandemic, will seize on the ESG wave to advance their geopolitical aims, explains Simon Ogus. Read more.
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