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On The Top Woman in Shipping

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On The Top Woman in Shipping

Irene Rosberg, Programme Director, Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA), Copenhagen Business School, Winner of the 2020 Top women in Shipping Award initiated by allaboutshipping.co.uk

It gives us all in www.allaboutshipping.co.uk a great pleasure on the many mentioning, comments, discussions and debates – yes debates we had since the 19th of February 2021, when we announced the Top Woman in Shipping AND all those who made it in the 100 places. Our 2020 event surpassed any previous one, whether it was for men and women or just for women.

We are more than pleased to share with all of you, in case you haven’t seen it, the link from WIRE, CBS’ (Copenhagen Business School’s) newspaper and Ms Irene Rosberg’s interview based on our Awards article by Anny Zade.

Here is a link: https://cbswire.dk/irene-tops-100-women-in-shipping-list-i-would-be-prouder-to-be-the-number-one-person-in-the-shipping-industry/

A triumph for Irene Rosberg and a hint for all seawise-maidens all over Planet Ocean to go for it!

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Anna Kaparaki April 29, 2021 - 11:18 AM

Congratulations once again Irene. You are an inspiration for all women in the shipping industry. I am very proud of you.


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