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CarBox ongoing development

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CarBox ongoing development

Carbox, a Tarros Group company, following the new opening of Genoa, Venice and Naples offices, increases its fleet with the entry of 25 new vehicles.

The Vehicles, will be of the latest generation and will continue the company’s path towards  innovation to put on the road means of transport of brand new technical and sustainable conception

Carbox, with its operational bases in the Mediterranean, offers its clients a network capable of operating in various strategic areas

Silvano Maggi, Managing Director of CarBox: “We continuing to grow with different investments: we invest in people, in services and in vehicle sustainability. We wish to maintain a high-level service standard, continually and consistently improving our operations”

Today Carbox, thanks to the efforts of 160 employees, 60,000 routes each year, transports about 100,000 teus and covers about 15 milion km, connecting 15 port terrminals to Italian companies, and connecting depots with various companies and place of destination.

Its fleet more than 130 units (Euro 5 Euro 6 vehicles), 150 semi- trailers and 40 subcontractors in different operational positions

About Carbox

Carbox, a Tarros Group company, offers transport container services to the principal global carriers and freight forwarders

Founded in 2000, it provides transport activities throughout the country with its own vehicles. In 2018 the company began trading container activity in Italy as well abroad, in collaboration with Northern European and Mediterranean partners

Today, Carbox is based in La Spezia with its Headquarters and an fully equipped workshop, as well as in Genoa, Venice, Naples and Rubiera (RE) with operational offices and well- trained staff

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