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Introducing NMS Direct – A new service for high quality worldwide vessel safety management inspections

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Introducing NMS Direct – A new service for high quality worldwide vessel safety management inspections

Who are we and what do we do?

NMS Direct is a unique service offering in the Maritime industry. We provide a single point of contact for booking, scheduling and billing your eCMID and eMISW Inspections worldwide.  We are unique because we are not affiliated with any of the accreditation bodies, inspectors or inspecting companies – we simply provide the best options from qualified and Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI) available for your inspections.

The eCMID (electronic Common Marine Inspection Document) system is the marine industry’s leading marine safety inspection system. Developed and maintained by the International Marine Contractor’s Association (IMCA), and built for the 21st century, with years of knowledge and experience incorporated into the question sets, the eCMID system is aligned to the International Safety Management (ISM) Code for Ships and follows the principles of ISO 19011 Guidance for the auditing of management systems.

Administered entirely electronically from inspection to report, the system sits on a secure database accessible wherever you have web access, for report download and review, and fleet trending analysis.

Inspections are carried out only by Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI), who are vetted, up to date and experienced. They are independently certified by the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) who verify and validate certification of AVI on a regular basis.

There are currently over 350 AVI located in 39 countries worldwide, ensuring a large global coverage for your inspection requirements.

Who can benefit from these services?

NMS Direct is aimed at clients with multiple vessel inspection requirements – we minimise the hassle and cost associated with developing & managing a modern digital fleet wide inspection solution – and provide ready-made access to over 350 inspectors in 39 countries. Save overhead and time by using an existing and proven, best in class safety management inspection system.

·     Flag States are obliged by IMO to follow and adhere to the IMO Instruments Implementation Code (III Code). The use of the IMCA eCMID system provides a ready-made solution for the implementation of the elements relating to an audit and inspection program for registered vessels.

·     For Fleet owners, operators or underwriters who are seeking to drive improvements in safety performance across a large number, and range of vessel types. Utilising the Industry’s most advanced and comprehensive safety management inspection format is easy with NMS Direct – why re-invent the wheel?

·     Offshore Projects managing a marine spread for upcoming project execution offshore is a complex business. One item you may have to manage as part of that is a series of inspections as part of the Marine Assurance process. eCMID/eMISW are very commonly accepted marine inspections that are accepted by offshore and other clients around the world, often instead of or alongside an OCIMF OVID. All you need to do is give us the basic information, and we will manage that task from start to finish. In the end you have one vendor and one contract.

Why use NMS Direct?

·    We save you time and money while reducing your environmental footprint by using local Accredited Vessel Inspectors.

·    Access the industry’s leading digital inspection platform – a ready-made solution for annual fleet wide safety inspections

·      Utilise over 350 Inspectors (AVI) through one vendor – minimise vendor lists and contracting risks

How does it work?

NMS Direct provides services in two main formats:

1.  Call off inspections as and when required – Using our online booking form which sits behind our member login page, give us the basic details of your required vessel inspection, and we will source the best quotes from the network of over 350 AVI worldwide.

2.  Discuss with us your annual inspection requirements – NMS Direct can provide a full-service solution to managing your inspection regime from start to finish, we will book, schedule and bill your inspection programme each year, year on year.

For more details, or to discuss your vessel safety management inspection requirements, please contact our Business Development Director, Stephen Birt Stephen.Birt@Nauticalms.com

For more information or to sign up to use our services, please visit our website https://www.nauticalms.com/nms-direct

For more information regarding the eCMID system, visit https://www.imcaecmid.com/

NMS Direct is a service provided by Nautical Management Services Limited, a UK based company specialising in vessel management and related marine services since 2017.

NMS Direct – Relentlessly pursuing the best interests of every client we represent

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