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Today 17th May FORAN V80R4.0 is launched worldwide

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Today 17th May FORAN V80R4.0 is launched worldwide

FORAN, a CAD/CAM/CIM tool used in the design and construction of vessels, boats and marine structures, introduces new capabilities in its newest release V80R4.0.

Since the launching of the release V80R3.0 by end of July 2019, SENER has continued improving FORAN System in all its disciplines. The development effort has resulted in a great number of improvements in the entire system, some of which are mentioned below:

New Visualization Engine
Dynamic highlight. When moving the mouse over the scene, selectable objects are automatically highlighted.New selective mode. Selective mode highlights the intended objects, making transparent those elements that have less interest but are useful for a reason. New navigation system. User can navigate through the scene without changing mode. This mode is integrated with the mouse wheel in a very intuitive mode. Compatibility with graphic cards and 3D graphic libraries.New user preferences file editor. Visualization preferences can be edited in an extensive, easy and comprehensive dialog. Values are stored in preferences files.Transparent mode for real limits. Real limits display is replaced by the new transparent mode giving a more realistic visualization.Raytracing display mode. It is possible to activate ray-tracing mode for detecting shadows and dark places

Initial Design Subsystem

Domestic Chinese Stability criteria for River and Seagoing Fishing Vessels.Automatic generation of damages.Additional requisites for Australian Stability Criterion.SOLAS Stability criteria updated to 2020.Possibility of using friction coefficient in dynamic launching and parallel force calculations in launching and floating calculations.Dredging ships stability criteria (DR-68 and Spanish Maritime Directorate).Stability criteria MSC.415(97) for ships engaged in anchor handling operations, towing and escort operations and lifting operations.

Structure Subsystem
Improved user experience of applicability management in series projects.3D jig model drawing.Unlimited number of drawings based on a set of different templates.New context to preview cutting sequences: CNC viewer.New labelling concept for display and hide side in marking labelling pattern.Improvements in welding visualization.New architecture for postprocessors to generate cutting sequences.

Machinery and Outfitting Subsystem
Advisory of the impact in series projects due to modifications of some elements.Impact assessment report due to design changes.New context for pipe isometric edition and drawings.Management of variable-radius bended pipe pieces and instruments with several connection points.

Electrical Subsystem
New restrictions in design operations to take into account the production maturity of the penetration.Interactive comparison of routes of different cables.Ability to highlight the route of a cable in the scene without the need of reading the nodal network.Verification of routing efficiency.Ability to list the cables routed in overfilled and overweighed segments.Calculation of accumulated voltage drop.Cable tray fitting library with a new GUI using a tree view with fittingsgrouped in types.options in the generation of cable trays from the nodal network.Functionality to visualize the 3D model of cables as a design review task.

CAD & PLM Integration
FORAN-PLM FWSI plugin allows publishing to certain Windchill contexts: Repository, Library and to ProjectLink© ones.FORAN-PLM Teamcenter Integration will use Standard Teamcenter external application integration API, to communicate FORAN items to Teamcenter in a direct way without making use of any middleware software.FWSI: Interfacing multiple FORAN instances with Windchill.PLM web viewer in FORAN modules: including drag and drop to the 3D scene.

With FORAN V80R4.0 SENER maintains its position as a leading provider of integrated solutions for shipbuilding and the offshore industry, continually reinventing and providing customers with solutions to fulfil their needs while staying at the cutting edge of technology.
It is the only software of its kind on the market, as it encompasses every aspect of design in a fully integrated manner, and it is used at every stage of the design and production of a vessel.
FORAN started 56 years ago, having been always at the front end of the technology. It is currently licensed at more than 150 shipyards and design offices in 40 countries.
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