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Second UFO Project funding opportunity for SMEs working in ‘Small Flying Objects’ SFOs sector

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Second UFO Project funding opportunity for SMEs working in ‘Small Flying Objects’ SFOs sector

The UFO project is seeking to support collaborative projects (of 2 or more SMEs) to develop innovative products and services by integrating new technology solutions and know how in the Small Flying Objects (SFO) sector i.e. Smallsats, Drones and High Altitude platform systems. The call is aimed at addressing technology challenges across six emerging industries including Blue Growth, Climate, Environment, Mobility technologies, Digital Creative & Gaming and Finance and Insurance.

Participation is open to all SMEs based in one of the UFO partners countries (Bulgaria, France, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom); the closing date for submissions is 22nd September 2021.

Blue Growth, one of the sectors being targeted in this call, faces a number of key challenges in areas such as surveillance for illegal fishing, the management of coastal water quality, metocean monitoring and forecasting, monitoring of offshore renewable assets and aquaculture activities as well as many others.  As Blue Growth activities generally take place over very large areas of sea and ocean, airborne surveillance as well as satellite constellations and Small Flying Objects can offer valuable solutions to address these and other challenges. Maintenance of surveillance capabilities on and beneath vast areas of ocean is very challenging and requires emerging technologies as well as complex information and data services.

The UFO Call of Interest is seeking to support collaborations between SMEs which can address challenges across the 6 emerging sectors; this may include innovations and technology solutions in sensors, platforms

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providers, data service providers, modelling specialists and application developers. Successful applications will receive financial support through voucher schemes of up to Euro 60,000 for collaborative projects that offer solutions to the technology challenges and innovation services provided by the cluster partners.

For more information please visit: https://www.ufoproject.eu/call-for-proposals/

The voucher scheme aims at establishing a process allowing SMEs to develop new cross-sectoral solutions through a combination of direct and indirect innovation actions as well as support and capacity building measures. The aim of the support and finance is to enable SMEs to bring their ideas closer to realisation and market. SMEs are encouraged to submit their cross-border and cross-sectoral disruptive ideas in this Call for proposals detailing their business proposition, technical and commercialisation challenges and the assistance they require.  

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