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Heppner publishes its 2nd CSR Report and confirms its commitments to sustainable development

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Heppner publishes its 2nd CSR Report and confirms its commitments to sustainable development

On the occasion of the publication of its second corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, Heppner, creator of transport and logistics solutions, recalls its commitments in terms of sustainable development, and reveals the main initiatives implemented in 2020.

A sustainable commitment, source of cohesion and competitiveness

Adopted in all the countries where Heppner is present, its approach to social and environmental responsibility represents a major driver of innovation, competitiveness and mobilisation. Heppner’s commitments in terms of sustainable development are expressed through five cornerstones:

·       Governance, in order to integrate the principles of sustainable development into all levels of the Company

·       Customers, so as to propose sustainable solutions

·       The environment, notably with an ambitious energy transition programme

·       Employees, with the promotion of equality, diversity, safety and quality of life at work

·       The territory, to be a committed and supportive player and promote sustainable development locally

The unprecedented context of 2020 has not slowed the group’s achievements or ambitions, and the latter continues to pursue its commitments, including:

·       €15 million invested in converting 50% of its vehicle fleet to natural gas (NGV) by 2025;

·       €90,000 donated by Heppner branches and subsidiaries to sports or cultural associations and €82,000 spent on sponsorship;

·       Over 8,000 hours spent on the ongoing training of employees, in order to develop their skills in-house;

·       Around forty young people were given work-linked training in sales and engineering, supply chain and logistics;

I am proud of the collective determination we have shown to stay the course, achieve new objectives, and carry out our transformations in terms of sustainable development successfully. Despite unprecedented crisis management, we have strengthened our commitment trough a structured approach and a long-term strategy, deployed at all levels of the company. The heightened awareness of environmental, social and societal issues leads us to increase our efforts to provide specific solutions and generate a joint mobilisation of the stakeholders in this sector. CSR contributes to team cohesion, with a common goal that goes beyond the group’s financial performance,” said Jean-Thomas Schmitt, the Heppner Group CEO.

A collective approach to supporting customers and partners

Within the context of its CSR strategy, Heppner accelerates the specific deployment of its commitments by pursuing a dynamic of continuous improvement in partnership with its entire ecosystem.   In order to attain its objectives and mobilise those around the company, in October 2020 Heppner adopted a Raison d’Être aiming to “Encourage the Entrepreneurial Spirit” of its ecosystem.  As the first French company in the transport sector to include this commitment in its articles of association, fully in line with its desire to increase its positive impact on society. In parallel with this, the group is increasing its awareness-raising campaigns and the solidarity-based actions at a local level, in order to achieve an inclusive and sustainable economic model.

”Environmental and social commitment generates a virtuous circle within the supply chain. It only takes one player to make a commitment for others to follow. The CSR approach encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, customers and subcontractors to meet the new demands of society in general,” added CEO Jean-Thomas Schmitt.

Access the full CSR report: https://indd.adobe.com/view/1f03e0ab-d2f0-49c1-bcfe-c812cc871a07

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