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TT Talk: fraud and crime persist

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TT Talk: fraud and crime persist

Peregrine Storrs-Fox

In this edition we introduce the final instalment of the fraud series and a complementary initiative to raise awareness of common freight crime strategies using simple but engaging animations. Freight crime globally continues to be a significant disruptor to operators and customers alike, as well as providing for an unhealthy criminal food chain

I hope you find these articles useful. 
Peregrine Storrs-FoxRisk Management Director, TT Club

Be alert to ‘carrier fraud’
Operators in the global supply chain can easily become victims of fraud in conducting day-to-day business. ‘Carrier fraud’ is increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. Click to read or listen

Supply chain security animations

Supply chain security is a vital consideration for actors in the global supply chain, regardless of where they are operating or the nature of their contractual obligations.
 Click to read or listen
Nominations are open for the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award 2021

These awards were set up with the purpose of celebrating safety innovation in the global freight supply chain. Award entrants are required to show that a product, idea, solution, process, scheme or other innovation has resulted in a demonstrable improvement to safety. The 2021 award is the fourth time that TT Club and ICHCA International have sought to identify, profile and celebrate innovation in the transport and logistics industry. 

Find out more and nominate
Nominations close 12 November 2021.

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