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The Blue MBA – the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics – reaches its Platinum Anniversary

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The Blue MBA – the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics – reaches its Platinum Anniversary

Irene Rosberg

As the Blue MBA celebrates its 20th anniversary – a milestone categorised in the modern calendar as platinum – its programme director Irene Rosberg declares: “We have come a long way – a long way from the inception of this programme in September 2001… and we are now considered the best in the world.”

How has this enviable success been achieved?

Ms Rosberg says: “We have achieved this through the relevance of our programme to the industry, through our diverse student body, through the members of our international faculty, through our world-class coaches and advisors, and through the activities of our alumni.”

Most of all it was Blue MBA participants and graduates who in her opinion took the greatest share of the credit.

The management leadership programme – the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics to give it its formal title – flourishes under the wing of Copenhagen Business School, one of the most eminent such institutions internationally. Like its parent body, the Blue MBA has accreditations from top educational rating systems.

From the Graduation ceremony last August; hats off…

So far, the Blue MBA has graduated more than 300 men and women from around 50 countries. Its strength is that it reaches beyond academic excellence to immerse itself in the industry it serves, in the practical challenges facing the ever-changing maritime sector and equipping graduates to address in their business strategies societal impact.

Ms Rosberg said at the latest graduation ceremony, for the Class of 2021: “I personally consider this success the greatest professional honour; however, this success does not only belong to us at CBS, but it also belongs to all of those who helped us throughout the past 20 years when we have served what is the most global industry through our Blue MBA. “

Paying tribute to the support of many business leaders in the sector, she said that the success “belongs to the shipping community which paved the way to modernise this essential industry by recognising the need for higher management education for the sector.”

Further, she praised CBS’s leadership “who provided the environment which supports the philosophy of an innovative and international community and gave the support and freedom to try innovative notions; and the distinguished members of our faculty who have brought top quality content to this programme.”

The triumph was underlined by the programme’s ability to come through the unprecedented difficulties caused throughout industry and in management education by the widespread pandemic restrictions in terms of international travel and which at one stage obliged a portion of classwork to go online.

The MBA programme comprises eight modules based mainly in Copenhagen, with one each in London and Hamburg. Participants, who hold senior rank in their companies or organisations, graduate after completing all modules and the final master thesis, which is known as the Integrated Strategy Project. That project is designed to add value to the strategic direction of a graduate’s company or organisation, and in its essence be applicable to the wider industry. The examiners look for qualities including a demonstrable relationship to corporate social responsibility programmes, and more recently have been able to measure submissions against environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability guidelines. Thus, by means of theoretical and practical knowledge developed during the course are ideas independently worked out in a way in which broader organisations might be unable to do.

Professor Bent Petersen, associate dean of CBS, has said of those who graduate in the programme: “The market value of your MBA is high today, and will be even higher tomorrow.”

Beyond the immediate value of the coursework, all students constitute an enviable network of knowledge-sharing and mutual support. 

All alumni are deemed to be ambassadors for the programme, and at any one time up to a dozen of them are given specific regional or sectoral ambassadorial responsibility.

The whole emphasis is in line with what Ms Rosberg says should be everyone’s motto: Stay Connected.

Further information about the programme  is available from programme director Irene Rosberg at ir.mba@cbs.dk


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