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COP26: the time for promises is over

John Faraclas

The failure of COP26 will be spectacular in the days, months and years to come. Promises, extensions, “taxes” and all that jazz which spin doctors create on behalf of business hooligans – wrong capitalists (a non ethics clan) will soon fail… At least in shipping and transport we are by far the most ecological business, and that’s a fact!

A Gordian knot policy by “leaders” of all 193 UN member- states is a must.

As we have always maintained, if we use the alternative* sources of energy, one thing will happen: big money will change hands; end of the story.

Limiting global warming to 1.5C is an admirable aim for our Planet Ocean’s safety and its people.

How can we accelerate the phasing out of say coal and subs for fossil fuels when the Australians have different designs?

We eagerly await the final statement from Glasgow known as the cover decision… and will revert with a full report.

Humanity is already on a life support machine and anger is growing. Ethics please! With the Covid-19 anathema we can clearly see the failure of our society to properly tackle this mess; politicians have spectacularly failed, hence our stanch on COP26.

This is the moment for Humanity!


*Mind how you interpret renewable versus alternative

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