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Vital Statistics for the 2021 100 Top Women in Shipping

by admin

Vital Statistics for the 2021 100 Top Women in Shipping

Anny Zade

By Anny Zade

We have not experienced anything like this and never witnessed or heard anything to be as closely followed as the international mega-spread talk, gossip and social media communication, as the aftermath of our third international 100 Top Women in Shipping. It was more than touching to see how women reacted in uploading the results and making presentations individually or in groups in many regions all over Planet Ocean. Central and South Latin America were on par with Greek and British women in this “process”! Pleased to see fellow international media making respective announcements; very proud as a woman for this honour, thanks also to the team support within our medium. The big THANK YOU goes to all participating and sending these Women to the Top in recognition of their contribution, dedication and commitment to Shipping, the biggest and most important of industries in its entirety! Ah, and the most difficult one, particularly when diversification is a MUST!

There were a lot of ups and down and this makes the whole process and results challenging and interesting. Some women in previous years’ lists didn’t make it.

Irene Rosberg made it for the second time to the top. She has also been in the Top Ten Women in all three years. A great achievement!

Worth mentioning that in the Top Ten, four are Greek and eight Europeans, one Panamanian and one from Hong Kong!

Moreover, four of them belong to classification societies! With the exception of two, all others have been last year in the top ten. Also five of them were in the Top Ten in 2019!

Only two complaints came until now to our medium, one by email by the same person who mentions that there weren’t women from southeast Asia, particularly from Singapore in the finals of this last event. We agree, but as mentioned last year, it all depends on those who support the XYZ woman from that region. Indeed there were a lot from the Singapore range but they didn’t make it. We hope next year they will succeed. Africa and Oceania lag behind… Let’s see next year how they finish…

Following the results as well as hundreds of messages via all social media and communication channels, we bring you some vital statistics from the tabulation of the 152 women voted for inclusion in the www.allaboutshipping.co.uk’s ,  100 Top women in shipping for 2021.

Continent-wise they come from:


No change from last year.

Nation-wise they emanate from (ten top nations):

1.Greece (1)
2.United Kingdom (2)
3.USA (5)
4.Panama (3)  
5.Cyprus (4)
6.Denmark (6)
7.Norway (7)
8.Turkey (14) new entrant in the top ten nations
9.Germany (8)
10.India (10)

Last year’s position in parenthesis.

Business and profession-wise they are involved in (top ten) :

1.Shipmanagement (1)
2.Associations (2)
3.Marine Insurance and P&I Clubs (4)
4.Media / Journalism  (6)
5.Legal (3)
6.Academia (5)
7.Classification Societies and Banking (7)
8.Organisations (8)
9.Technical / Technology (9)
10.Ports,  Terminals  and Canals (10)

Last year’s positions in parenthesis

The majority are based in the United Kingdom. The majority belong to the European Union AND Europe of course. Second biggest group the British Commonwealth. The third largest group have Latino connections – Central and South American included.

  • A great number of these women, as in the lists of 2019 and 2020, are members of WISTA.
  • 28 (twenty-eight) have dual nationality. (25)
  • 13 (thirteen) are new entrants. (26)
  • 33 (thirty-three) come primarily from shipping families and secondarily from seafaring ones (30)
  • 40 (forty) have made successful careers outside their country of origin – as expats, after graduating from university or for family reasons. (37)
  • 77 (seventy-seven) are involved in an association or society within the Shipping Industry. (70)
  • Some hold a Doctorate Degree, others a PhD, quite a few MBAs, and over 70 (seventy) a Master’s Degree (65); the remaining hold a Bachelor’s Degree, an MA and those at sea or from seafaring jobs a Master’s or Chief Mate’s ticket or the equivalent in Marine Engineering.

Last year’s results in parenthesis

In the voting, 1,610 women received from one to 55,009 points. Last year, 1,580 women got from one to 91,007. In 2019, 1,510 received from one to 92,800!

Again, a great number of them are involved one way or another with charitable work. Some are offering scholarships in local and international universities.

All speak English.

All are sensitive to environmental issues.

The majority are married and have children.

Finally, as we have observed their careers – some of them for decades, they excel in mentorship and ethics.

We wish them continuing success and let’s see what happens next year – voting begins on Wednesday 1st of February 2023 and ends on Friday the 10th of February 2023 with the results on Friday the 17th of February 2023. Get ready from now on and remember: only ONE vote for ONLY  ONE Woman, your Top Woman in Shipping.

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