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On 11 January 2022, Tsavliris despatched the ETV “Abeille Bourbon” (BP 207 – BHP 21,700) from her salvage station in Brest, France, to the assistance of the Bulk Carrier “NAVIOS CENTAURUS” (DWT 81,472 – GT 44,282) which had sustained main engine problems W of Quessant Island, France. The vessel was enroute from Ijmuiden, Netherlands, to Puerto Drummond, Colombia, in ballast condition.

On 11 January, towage to Brest anchorage commenced, arriving at destination the same day.
After resuming her voyage to Puerto Drummond, the “NAVIOS CENTAURUS”, experienced main engine problems. On 10 February, Tsavliris despatched the tug “El Zorro Grande II” (BP 80 – BHP 5,000) from Port of Spain, Trinidad, which escorted the “NAVIOS CENTAURUS” to St Maarten Island in the Caribbean Sea.
The convoy arrived safely at destination on 19 February.

Product Tanker “PYXIS EPSILON”

On 12 February 2022, Tsavliris despatched the TB “FOTEINI Z” (BP 65 – BHP 5,220) from Piraeus, Greece, to the assistance of the Product Tanker “PYXIS EPSILON” (DWT 50,124 – GT 29,730) which had sustained rudder damage and was anchored at Beirut Anchorage, Lebanon.

On 15 February, the tug arrived at Beirut and, following the issuance of towage certificate by a marine warranty surveyor, towage to Piraeus commenced on 16 February.

On 20 February, the convoy anchored at Pigadia, Karpathos Island, Greece, for re-securing the casualty’s rudder blade and the voyage was resumed the next day. On 23 February, the convoy arrived safely at Piraeus Roads and on 24 February anchored at Elefsis Roads for slops discharging and cargo tanks inerting. After completion of these tasks, the vessel berthed safely at Talos Shipyard and the operation was successfully completed on 25 February.


On 18 February 2022, the Passenger Ferry “EUROFERRY OLYMPIA” (GT 33,588), caught fire about 10 miles N of Corfu Island while en route from Igoumenitsa, Greece to Brindisi, Italy.

Tsavliris’ fire-fighting tug “Proteas” participated in the FiFi operation of the “EUROFERRY OLYMPIA” off Corfu, under the directions of the Fire Brigade Commander.

Bulk Carrier “TINA IV”

In March 2022, the Panamax Bulk Carrier “TINA IV” (GT 40,170 – DWT 75,200), laden with 66,000 tonnes of Indonesian steam coal, ran aground while transiting outbound passage from Balikpapan Port fairway, Indonesia, with destination to Yeosu, Korea.

On 29 March, Tsavliris despatched the mega terminal barge “KFT-1” to lighten the vessel. On 30 March the discharging process commenced and 23,000 tonnes of coal were offloaded in record time of 29 hours. On 1 April the casualty was successfully refloated and the vessel was escorted by four port tugs to Balikpapan anchorage area, Zona A, where the cargo was efficiently reloaded from the “KFT-1” within 13 hours. On 2 April, the operation was successfully completed and on 3 April the vessel resumed her voyage.

Bulk Carrier “VANTAGE RIDER”

On 21 March 2022, the Bulk Carrier “VANTAGE RIDER” (GT 18,481 – DWT 29,033), immobilised due to main engine problem and was drifting about 350 miles SW of Azores. The casualty was on a voyage from Vlissingen, Netherlands, to Barranquilla, Colombia, partly laden with 2,000 metric tonnes of project cargo.

Tsavliris despatched the AHTS “SEA ALFA” (BHP 3,300 – BP 47) the same day from E of Azores to Funchal, Portugal where a technician boarded together with four boxes of spare parts. The tug arrived at Funchal on 24 March, departed on 27 March, arrived at the casualty’s position on 30 March and towage commenced the same day towards Ponta Delgada, Azores in order to seek a protected area with favourable weather conditions for repairs while at sea.

On 1 April, due to adverse weather conditions, the tug changed course to southerly direction and after weather abated, towage resumed. On 5 April, repairs were completed, on 6 April the tug was released and the vessel resumed her voyage.

The Tsavliris Foundation invites applications for the 2022 -2023 scholarship

The Tsavliris Cultural Foundation invites applications for a postgraduate studies scholarship at the University of Cyprus for the next academic year. Eligible applicants may apply until 10 April 2022 at: info@tsavlirisfoundation.org

The aim of the Tsavliris Cultural Foundation is to promote the spiritual and artistic creativity of people who contribute to the questioning and quest for a better, spiritual and humane society. For more information: https://tsavlirisfoundation.org/index.php/scholarship/

The successful 16th ICS Annual Forum

«The World Wakes Up to The Importance of Shipping. Now What?» was the general title of the successful 16th Annual Forum of the Greek Branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS), on December 7, at the Eugenides Foundation, Athens.

Nicolas A. Tsavliris, Chairman of the ICS Greek Branch, led the panel of nine speakers and stressed “the shipping industry has reciprocated by innovating and adapting to the constantly changing circumstances with Greek shipping always at the forefront, despite any challenges”. The event took place with the physical attendance of ICS members and ICS examinations’ prize winners.

“Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2022”

A very successful conference where shipping industry participants gathered at the Athens Divani Caravel Hotel took place on 2-3 March. Over 95 speakers and 30 owners were speaking during the “Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2022”, including George A. Tsavliris. Key figures from the shipping, banking, financing, trade and IT industries, as well as representatives of the State and regulatory authorities discussed recent developments and future trends in shipping finance.

City University of London Presentation on Shipping

Andreas Tsavliris gave his annual lecture at the City University of London to the “Shipping, Trade and Finance” master’s degree students on 15 March 2022, in full attendance. The topics discussed included merger & acquisition markets, sale & purchase of new buildings & second-hand vessels, chartering, insurance, banking, financing, currencies etc. Moreover, Andreas Tsavliris took the opportunity to emphasise the importance and necessity of a global commercial salvage industry. The lecture lasted over 4 hours and allowed questions and interaction with the students.

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