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Crypto margin call must wake up regulators, Put CBDCs on the back burner for now, and more

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Crypto margin call must wake up regulators

By Lewis McLellan

Recently proposed US stablecoin and digital assets regulation will come too late to avert a series of disasters for the crypto ecosystem brought about partly by excessive leverage. It is fortunate that the cryptocurrency market does not pose the systemic threat that US subprime mortgage products did in 2008. We need a crypto Dodd-Frank act before it does.

 Put CBDCs on the back burner for now
By Herbert PoenischAs most central banks research introducing digital currencies, the world is embroiled in an inflationary storm not seen in 30 years. It is high time that central banks devote all their energies to fighting inflation, their raison d’être. 
Regulating virtual assets in Brazil
Thursday 14 July, Roundtable
The economic affairs committee of the Brazilian Senate has approved legislation to regulate cryptoassets, paving the way for votes in both houses of Congress. If passed, the legislation will give the Banco Central do Brasil new powers to regulate the cryptoasset market. 
What is blockchain good for?
Though blockchain is now a well-known term, the specific qualities that make it useful are still poorly understood. David Chan, CEO and co-founder of eCora, joins Lewis McLellan, editor of OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute. They discuss the properties of modern blockchains and highlight the areas where they are well placed to deliver value. 
 Data: Towards a new age of economic enlightenment
As regulators and policy-makers work to balance protection and innovation in their evolving frameworks, this landmark report explores the use of data and its potentially transformative impact on developments in the global economy, financial services, the business community and society as a whole.

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