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Don’t get caught at Sea without sufficient Power / Cooling System

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“Our tailored packages help customers keep their ships moving on sea and in tip-top condition when docked. We save them time and money.”

Warm Greetings. I am Sashang from Aggreko Singapore. I am responsible for sales and account management in shipping industry for Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei and I will be handling your company’s requirements accordingly. 

Aggreko is the world leading Temporary power and Temperature control solutions provider in the shipping industry.

Aggreko’s value added solutions for the Vessel Owners, Fleet Management companies, Ship agencies & Charterers :
1. We serve our customers with our strong capital fleet with power-packs (60KVA – 1500KVA) , fuel tanks and Reefer panels; Temperature control solutions (Chillers, AHU & AC) from our depot in Singapore & Worldwide spread over 79 countries and 190 locations

2. Customer have the benefit to sail off with the equipment and return to the nearest Aggreko office worldwide as per the route plan of the customer.

3. Our service team is well experienced and are interconnected with Aggreko’s multiple locations worldwide.

4. ARM (Aggreko Remote Monitoring) Enabled on the power-pack to monitor the equipment health based on the network coverage and thereby could remotely troubleshoot and guide the customer accordingly.

We hereby are delighted to share our product brochure and solutions for your review and interest. Some highlighting applications for your interest are:-
1. Temporary power and temperature control solutions for all types of vessels and carriers which include
-Bulk and Container Carrier
-Dry Cargo, Roll-on Roll-of ships & Reefer Vessels
-Carriers (VLCC, ULCC, Chemical, Liquified gas, Specialized)
-Tugs and Barges, Drill-ships, Heavy lift / Project cargo vessels, Cable laying vessel, Dredgers and so-on.

2. Temporary power and temperature control solutions during Ship-lay ups in port / anchorage and dry dock repairs.

3. Supplementary shore power, chilled water & Air Handling Units for vessel operation while in port.

4. Additional power to supplement winches, Reefer containers, lifting arm, mooring systems and so on.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for your requirements. Thank you!


“By using our power you don’t have to run the ship’s engine during routine maintenance, or system testing.”
Sashang Balasubramanian
sashang.balasubramanian@aggreko.com | +65 9139 7685

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