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The Historical Greek Community of London and its “Chiot” Necropolis of W. Norwood

by admin
The book cover***

‘The Historical Greek Community of London and its “Chiot” Necropolis of W. Norwood’

John Faraclas writes:

A new book by Costas Stef. Kavadas** was released in the spring of this year and is entitled The Historical Greek Community of London and its “Chiot” Necropolis of W. Norwood.

The Saint Stephanos’ impressive Chapel

With the awareness that he is approaching a big topic, the author wanted to publicise interesting details of the history of the Greek community in London (17th, 18th, 19th centuries) and especially of the “Chiot Necropolis” of West Norwood in the south of the city. The book contains many photographs of burial monuments as well as historical notes. He meticulously describes the mausoleums of the Ralli, Rodokanaki, Argenti and Scilitzi families and other Chiots  as well as the burial monuments of two great benefactors of the Greeks (race), that of Panagi Vaglianos and Ioannis Gennadios, along with references to stone and marble tombs and sarcophagi such as those of the families of Agelastos*, Vlastos, Mavrogordatos, Michalinos, Skaramangas, and others. The descriptions are accompanied by informative comments about the persons and the families of the deceased.

The monument of Ioannis and Virginia Scilitzi

It is a thoroughly creative effort that in sophisticated written style shapes the story. The author skilfully manages to take us back to past eras and keep the reader’s interest until the very end, where he presents his concluding thoughts on the subject.

This study by Costas Kavadas, apart from being fascinating reading, is useful for any researcher of the history of the Greek diaspora and especially for those who want to learn about the 50 Chiot families (p.91) and the 19 (p.221) expatriate families who thrived in cosmopolitan London in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in  the areas of Banking, Commerce, Shipping, Trade, and Transport in its entirety!

The Xenophon Elia Ballis mausoleum


*Visiting the Saint Sophia Cathedral in London’s Bayswater, at the right hand side in the main part of the Church one can see a plaque honouring two of the Agelastos family members who fell in the Great War (WWI).

N.B. The above mentioned names in Kavadas’s book are all heroes of Greece, and of Chios in particular, having dominated much business activity for a couple of centuries in the Square Mile and beyond – all over Planet Ocean!

**Kostas Stef. Kavadas. Passion for history, research and curation, analytical and critical thinking as well as the gift of storytelling and communication are some of the qualities possessed by Kostas Kavadas. He was born in Chios 86 years ago where he grew up and received the circular/ general education and the basic directions towards the theoretical sciences from his educational father, Stefanos D. Kavadas. Stefanos Kavadas (1900-1980) was a philologist, historian and director of the Korai Library, the fifth largest in Greece. Following his studies at the Law Faculty of the University of Athens and the completion of his military service, Kostas S. Kavadas left for London where he settled in 1966, working for shipping companies of Greek interests of London’s Square Mile. During his stay there he joined Greek clubs and Associations, Societies and as a member of administrative boards he offered his services to cultural, philanthropic and national liberation purposes. For his overall contribution, he was honored by the Ecumenical Patriarchate with the office of Lord Actuary and with honorary diplomas and medals from associations and organizations. The Archdiocese of Thyatira and Great Britain, honored him with the Golden Cross of Thyatira for his long service from 1968 to the present day as secretary of the Archdiocesan Financial Council of Guardians (Trust). He was involved in book reviews and the theater (Hellenic Theater Club of London) and has undertaken the editorial editing of books by his friends. He also served as Vice-president of the Hellenic Society of Scientists and Professionals in Great Britain.

*** Alfa Pi Publishing

All pictures and its copyright belong to Kostas Stef. Kavadas.

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