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PSA Newsletter: [@TheHelm] From Harvest to Table: The Logistics of Food

by admin

Dear Readers,

Have you ever wondered how the most basic of our life’s needs – food – gets onto the shelves of our stores, or delivered to our doorsteps?

What are some of the ways your food is transported around the world, and how are these complex logistical challenges solved daily? Whether it’s deep-frozen fish from far distant oceans or delicate fruits delivered at the peak of ripeness, the global supply chain of food is an intricate network of farmers, distributors, processors, and retailers, all working to feed a growing global population.

Our ‘Insights’ review outlines how international trade in food has expanded across decades alongside economic growth. However, the fragility of this system is also becoming increasingly apparent, as it faces disruptions from a multitude of sources such as climate change, transportation issues and labour shortages.

Through the feature articles, we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the perishables supply chain. It is a system that requires constant adaptation and innovation to meet the needs of today’s world while preserving the flavours and quality we cherish.

One issue is simply not enough to cover the vast topic – look out for more!

As always, we hope you have an intriguing read and our articles will leave you with food for thought.

Chris Chan
Head of Group Corporate Affairs & Group Learning
PSA International

In Focus – Perishables

Feeding the World
Let’s embark on a global gastronomic journey! Find out how diverse produce travels the globe, and discover the logistical marvels and challenges behind transporting freshness in a changing world. →

Fresh Fruit – From Field to Fork

How do produce from distant fields make it to your local store at the ideal ripeness? Dive into the challenges of the global cold chain, where care and technology shape the arrival of perfect, fresh goods. →

Navigating the Final Stretch
Optimising the last-mile delivery landscape is a priority for both consumers and retailers. Explore electric fleets, micro warehousing, and tech-driven solutions shaping sustainable, faster, and customer-centric logistics. →

PSA Highlights

  • PSA Singapore and PIL expanded their collaboration on sustainability solutions to decarbonise global supply chains through cutting carbon emissions and optimising maritime efficiency.
  • PSA BDP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dow Chemical International to co-create zero emissions green transport corridor in Nhava Sheva with e-trucks – the first-of-its-kind sustainable transport solution in India.
  • Saudi Global Ports, a member of the PSA Group, reaffirmed its commitment to the transformation of Saudi Arabia’s ports and logistics through expanded partnerships with the Saudi Ports Authority and the Saudi Ministry of Investment.
  • Two new mega Ship-to-Shore cranes arrived at PSA Halifax’s Atlantic Hub terminal at the Port of Halifax, expanding PSA Halifax’s capacity from 1.1 to 1.4 million TEUs by the end of 2024.
  • The MSC PSA European Terminal, a joint venture between PSA and Terminal Investment Ltd, achieved a notable milestone with the arrival of the mega container vessel MSC Tessa – the first ship of this depth to call at the Port of Antwerp. The achievement was the culmination of a six-stage trial project which increased draft capacity by 0.3m, enabling vessels to carry an extra 1,000 TEUs!

Full highlights here →

Supply Chain Insights
From ancient trade routes to modern global supply chains, discover the impact of global food trade on power, prosperity, and our environment. Read on for a closer look at what’s on the table. →

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