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Mach & Mach FW24: The Girl Through Peter Lindbergh’s Lenses

by admin

Elena Sendona February 23

The 1990s stand as a transformative epoch, where the confluence of grunge and glamour, the highbrow and the accessible, as well as the interplay between darkness and enlightenment, catalyzed a radical shift in the fashion landscape. It’s a time remembered for its groundbreaking approach to style, seamlessly blending the opulent with the everyday. MACH & MACH’s Fall-Winter 2024/2025 collection pays homage to this era of stark contrasts and daring innovation, drawing inspiration from “The girl through Peter Lindbergh’s lenses.” This collection celebrates the evocative and provocative, the refined and the raw, alongside the effortless and bold nuances that were emblematic of the legendary German fashion photographer’s body of work.

Lindbergh’s influence on the fashion industry was profound, capturing the essence of the decade with a lens that favored authenticity and natural beauty over the constructed and artificial. The era heralded a new dawn where couture graced the streets, encapsulated by model Michaela Berçu’s portrayal of urban sophistication. MACH & MACH’s collection is not just a tribute to Lindbergh’s artistic vision but a reflection on a period that redefined fashion norms, blending the lines between high fashion and streetwear, and in doing so, forever altering our perception of style and elegance.

A striking black and white Peter Lindbergh’s image depicting a girl standing in a body-hugging column black dress, accessorized with oversized chandelier-like, crystal-encrusted earrings and necklace is the epitome of the decade’s clashing aesthetics, moody and joyful, gritty and cheerful.

Show-stopping oversize clear and pink crystals snake around the feet in the “Big Stone Crystal” sandals and slingbacks, crafted from colorful satin or mirror-like silver leather, the life-size pink bow at the heel nodding to the brand’s iconic element and adding a dramatic elan.

A grunge attitude echoes in the “Crystal Studs” range comprising sandals and slingbacks. Here the bow gets an edgy and sleek makeover, punctuated with rounded studs and dotted in crystals, standing out on satin, mirror-like silver leather and clear PVC.

MACH & MACH’s girls on the run are tomboyish wearing flats night and day, from the penny loafer design wrapped in a studded bow to the furry-soled sandals with ankle straps to hit the city with swagger.

Bejeweled but ladylike, the “Galaxy” collection includes mid-heeled satin pumps with a rounded crystal brooch evoking the infinity symbol. They are flanked by womanly and cool riding boots and penny loafers embellished with the same brooch. Building on the “Sirene” lineup, the penny and lace-up loafers are offered in a polished, black version with the upper part decked in white or black pearls.

No other object screams 1990s cool girl quite like the little minaudière, offered in rigid, rectangular versions decked in sparkling crystals and bold rhinestones, further embellished with a bow-shaped clasp.

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