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Women & Sustainability

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l to r: Doug Wills – Chairman of the London Press Club; Nurdeniz Tuncer –  President of the Guide Dogs Association; Geraldine Sharpe-Newton – Global Communications Consultant; Lynne Parker – Founder of Funny Women CIC; Sarah-Jane Mintey MBE – Founder of Developing Experts; Elizabeth H. Filippouli – Founder & CEO of Global Thinkers Forum & Athena40; The Lady Mayoress Elisabeth Mainelli; Lisa Sebree – Global Executive Director of Media Matters for Women; Anahita Rezvani-Rad – Artist; Eleni Skarveli – Director at GNTO UK & Ireland Office; Pete Leacock – CMO at KNOCK Inc.; Sasha Pick – Managing Director for UK and Europe at KNOCK Inc.; Melissanthi Mahut – Actress/Emcee of the evening.

Women’s Interventions for the ESGs Reception & Awards

In a dazzling celebration of women’s empowerment and leadership, Athena40 – A Platform for Visionary Leadership and its Founder journalist and social entrepreneur Elizabeth Filippouli, hosted the Women’s Contributions to Sustainability Awards on March 20, 2024. 

The event was in partnership with the the London Press ClubKNOCK, inc. and with the support of ROKH Global, the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation and the City of London Corporation showcasing the extraordinary accomplishments of seven remarkable women across various categories, honouring their commitment to driving positive change and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

At the podium: Elizabeth H. Filippouli – Founder & CEO of Global Thinkers Forum & Athena40 with Melissanthi Mahut – Actress/Emcee of the evening to her left; also on a l to r: Pete Leacock – CMO at KNOCK Inc.; Doug Wills – Chairman of the London Press Club; The Lady Mayoress Elisabeth Mainelli.

Winners and shortlisted were women of exceptional achievements so enormous congrats goes to each and all! Particular thanks to the Mayfair Times, the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation and to the Foreign Press Association in London Unblocked Events for their support.

l to r: Nurdeniz Tuncer –  President of the Guide Dogs Association;  The Lady Mayoress Elisabeth Mainelli.

The evening, was under the auspices of the Lady Mayoress Elisabeth Mainelli, and commenced with an electrifying atmosphere as attendees gathered to recognise and celebrate the winners in seven categories:

Change Visionary: Nurdeniz Tuncer whose innovative initiatives have sparked transformative shifts in societal norms in Turkey for people with disabilities.

Leader of Positive Impact: Lynne Parker as the founder and chief executive of Funny Women which she set up in 2002.

Sustainability Ambassador: Eleni Skarveli recognizing her tireless advocacy for environmental conservation and sustainable travelling.

Pioneer in Tech and Innovation: Sarah Mintey MBE for her ground-breaking contributions to the field of technology and education.

Promoter of Understanding Between Cultures was given to Geraldine Sharpe-Newton, honouring her advocacy and bridge-building initiatives for over four decades.

Advocate for the Rights of Women: The charity Media Matters for Women for their unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality and championing the rights of women in Sierra Leone.

Artist whose work Re-Imagines our Societies: London-based Iranian artist Anahita Rezvani-Rad for amplifying the voices of Iranian women.

Anahita Rezvani-Rad – Artist; to her left Melissanthi Mahut – Actress/Emcee of the evening.

Thank you to everyone who supported, we are hugely honoured by the overwhelming response that led to a sold-out event! Onwards and upwards! #IWD2024 Global Thinkers Forum Athena40 – A Platform for Visionary Leadership Robert Baker Dr Mo Akindolie Deborah Bonetti Patrick Fleming Selma HabibAdrian DayDion JohnsonDion Johnson: The WOMANologist Theodora Kalentzi Martina Macpherson Annabel KarmelTessy Antony Helen Disney Iffat Rose Gill Iman Aoun Liz Perkins Hellen Tanyinga Rape-Hurts Foundation Sheida Kiran Maria Bauerr Parisa Wright Naila Kabeer Marguerite Barankitse Anny Tubbs Wendy Diamond Krisztina Tora Ritu Kataky Dame Stephanie Shirley CH Renata Adela Anahita Rezvani-Rad Sarah Ho Leyla Nazli Arcola Theatre Lynne Parker Media Matters for Women Genesis Energy Holdings Orion Associates London Evening Standard Athena40 Helen Disney Rotary Club Of London

From grassroots activism to corporate boardrooms, women are at the forefront, advocating for sustainable practices and spearheading transformative change. Together, we pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable world,” said Elizabeth Filippouli, Founder of Athena40 and Global Thinkers Forum.

Doug Wills, Chair of the London Press Club said: “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express gratitude to everyone who contributed to making the Women and Sustainability Awards Evening a resounding success.”

The Lady Mayoress gave a powerful speech saying: “While women constitute half of the world’s human capital, they remain one of its most underutilised resources. Sustainable economic growth at national and global levels depends on women joining the labour force and fuller use being made of their skills and qualifications. Tonight is an opportunity to celebrate women’s contribution to sustainability, accountability and the prosperity of our societies.”

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