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Energy Saving Devices / Propellers

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l to r: Capt. Antonis Pitsilos at the podium welcoming delegates and introducing the event, Maria M. Tripolitis, Markos Tripolitis, Akis Tsirigakis and Antonis Trakakis

Chios Marine Club and Piraeus Marine Services S.A. jointly organized on the 17th of April a presentation on ΄΄ENERGY SAVING DEVICES΄΄ with special emphasis on propellers. The presentation was held at the pleasant, purpose-built Angelicoussis Group Auditorium, Athens, Greece. It was attended by Managers, Technical Managers of the Shipping Industry also Members and Friends of the Chios Marine Club.

The President of Chios Marine Club, Capt. Antonis Pitsilos, opened the event welcoming all participants and emphasized on: ΄΄The importance of saving energy, achieving the goals of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to reduce emissions from shipping and its global impact΄΄.

l to r: Maria M. Tripolitis at the podium with Markos Tripolitis, Akis Tsirigakis and Antonis Trakakis

The General Manager of Piraeus Marine Services S.A and General Secretary of the Chios Marine Club, Mrs. Maria Tripolitis welcomed the distinguished guests and introduced the discussion procedure to present the program and topics.

Accordingly, the Founder and President of Piraeus Marine Services S.A. Mr. Markos Tripolitis, after greeting the members of the maritime scientific and technical community in attending, emphasized the necessity of adopting Energy Saving Technologies that must be install on vessels. He explained why propeller replacement is the most appropriate initial action in order to achieve emission reduction targets in shipping, especially in cases where, due to regulations, the speed reduction exceeds 10% of the vessel’s trial speed.

A view of the auditorium with delegates attending the event

Then came Mr. Antonis Trakakis, Technical Director, Marine of the Italian Classification Society RINA, who introduced a proposal developed by RINA for the Dolphin57 ships, in collaboration with Nautilus Energy Management.

The CEO of Nautilus Energy Management Corp. Mr. Akis Tsirigakis, presented a complete proposal that formulated jointly with the Italian Classification Society (RINA), specifically for the Dolphin57 series of vessels, but applicable to other types of vessels as well. He explained the importance of retrofitting the propeller and accessories as an-optimized package, being the initial step on the path to complying with the new regulations. In addition to significant energy savings and monetary benefits, he explained that such a permanent retrofit enhances the vessel’s resale value.

l to r: Capt. Antonis Pitsilos, Maria M. Tripolitis, Markos Tripolitis, Akis Tsirigakis and Antonis Trakakis

A lengthy discussion followed, with questions from the delegates attending the event, exchanging opinions, underlining the great interest and focus on the matter.

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