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The American Space Piraeus opened its doors at the Piraeus Municipal Library. 

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A new multipurpose space for technology and culture was inaugurated, a result of cooperation between the City of Piraeus and the U.S. Embassy in Greece. 

The Mayor of Piraeus, Giannis Moralis, and the U.S. Ambassador to Greece, George J. Tsunis, inaugurated the American Space Piraeus on Monday April 22nd , located on the 3rd floor of the Central Municipal Library of Piraeus. 

The event was greeted by the Metropolitan of Piraeus and Faliro, His Eminence Seraphim, Mayor Giannis Moralis, U.S. Ambassador George J. Tsunis, and the President of Olympiacos FC, Vangelis Marinakis, in the event of the creation of a pop-up American Space inside the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium. 

The inauguration also featured speeches by two significant former U.S. international soccer players, Olympic medalist Carli Lloyd and U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame member Cobi Jones. 

…and a triple cutting of the ribbon

The American Space Piraeus is an innovative collaboration between the Piraeus Municipal Library and the U.S. Embassy in Athens, promoting mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Greece. 

This cultural and information center, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Athens, will provide the public with reliable, valid, and detailed information about the United States. 

Additionally, it will implement educational programs and cultural events such as book presentations, film screenings, exhibitions, and lectures. All activities of the American Space will be offered free to the general public. 

The American Space Piraeus will also have a smaller venue, the so-called pop-up American Space, within the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium, marking the first time such a space has been created inside a soccer stadium. 

American Spaces are already operational in Veria, Sparta, Thessaloniki, Corfu, and Xanthi. 

It is recalled that the Piraeus Municipal Library, an important cultural space for Piraeus, which was recently renovated, apart from thousands of book titles, has a rich archive, old books from the 16th century, manuscripts, maps and newspapers, documents of the city and Greek history. 

The event was also attended by the Member of Parliament for Piraeus, Nikos Vlachakos, officials from the U.S. Embassy, the President of Alter Ego Media Fay Ypsilanti, the CEO of Alter Ego Media Giannis Vrentzos, the Commissioner of Municipal Council for Culture Giannis Chatzialexis, the Commissioner of Municipal Council for Music Education Stavroula Menti, Deputy Mayors, Municipal and Community Councilors, officials from the Department of Culture of the City of Piraeus, and others. 

The event was coordinated by the Director of Culture of the City of Piraeus, Evangelia Bafouni, and was accompanied musically by the Model Music Center of Piraeus. 

In his greeting, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus and Faliro emphasized among other things: 

“Our country’s relations with the United States of America are based on ties of love, mutual respect and appreciation. This joint action between the Municipality of Piraeus and the United States will promote culture and give young people a vision of global justice, freedom and love.   

Mayor Giannis Moralis, in his greeting, among other things, emphasized: 

“We are pleased to inaugurate today, at the Piraeus Municipal Library, the American Space, an innovative collaborative space between the Municipality of Piraeus and the United States Embassy in Athens.   

I am delighted that Piraeus is becoming part of this very interesting initiative of the U.S. Embassy and American diplomacy in general, which promotes mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Greece.    

It is a space, open to children, youth and citizens of Piraeus and beyond, which aims, through a series of free programs, workshops and cultural events, to be a point of knowledge and skill development.    

The American Space of Piraeus will also have the so-called pop-up American space inside the Georgios Karaiskakis stadium, a spot with high traffic, especially on the days of the Olympiacos games. And it is the first time that such a space is created inside a football stadium.   

Our first action and with it we inaugurate the American Space of Piraeus, is of a sporting content, because Sport for a city is also Culture. 

I would like to thank the U.S. Ambassador, Mr. George Tsunis for our excellent cooperation in previous joint actions, Olympiacos FC and its President Mr. Vangelis Marinakis for once again supporting the initiatives of the Municipality of Piraeus and of course the Cultural Directorate of our Municipality.   

I hope that this project will be a success and that the people of Piraeus will embrace it as a new window to knowledge, interaction and creation”. 

U.S. Ambassador to Greece George J. Tsunis emphasized among other things: 

“The inauguration of the American Space Piraeus represents a pivotal moment in the U.S.-Greece partnership, reflecting our deep commitment to fortifying our bilateral relationship through cultural and educational exchanges, sports diplomacy, and community engagement. This new hub not only signifies our shared values and aspirations but also promises to be a dynamic center for youth empowerment and cultural exchange between the United States and the city of Piraeus”. 

President of FC Olympiacos Vangelis Marinakis (pictured above) pointed out: 

“We are proud to be here today and we are starting the cooperation with the “American Space” and soon we will open the additional space at Karaiskakis Stadium, a space for the young generation where they will learn the importance of sport, the importance of participating in games and competing.  

Greece has a great tradition in the field of sport, from the first Olympic Games as it is the cradle of the Olympic Games, and more recently in 2004 when it proved to the whole world that it can organize major sporting events. So we are very happy to have this space to pass on the values of sport to our children.  

The U.S. Ambassador, Mr. George Tsunis talking to the audience

I want to assure you that both I and Olympiacos will support and stand by both the “American Space” here at the Library and the “Pop-Up Space”. We will support you and we will be there for you because we believe that these are two important spaces and an important partnership.”

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