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Germany’s recognition for Admiral Mitropoulos

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Admiral Efthimios Mitropoulos awarded the Grand Cross of Merit with Star and Sash Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany –

In recognition of Adm(Rt-HCG) Efthimios Mitropoulos’ dedication and achievements in international shipping, the German Ambassador Georg Boomgaarden awarded the Grand Cross of Merit with Star and Sash Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany at a reception held in the German Embassy in London last Monday on Admiral Mitropoulos in the presence of prominent personlities from Great Britain, Germany and Greece. As one of the most eminent personalities of the international shipping community, he served outstandingly as Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization from 2003-2011. Mr Mitropoulos has done much to create a uniform framework for an easier, safer, more secure, human and ecological international shipping. Among the many achievements his leadership in the IMO’s endeavour to establish a global Search and Rescue Plan and his efforts in advancing uniform measures for the containment and reduction of CO2 produced by international shipping deserve particular mention. In a lifetime dedicated to seafaring, Efthimios Mitropoulos also made a significant contribution to research and training. He wrote several books on different aspects of shipping, on safety, economic, technical and political matters. As a lecturer his commitment to the World Maritime University and to the International Maritime Law Institute in his time as Secretary General is outstanding.

Guests attending the ceremony amongst them Shipping Minister Mike Penning, Captain Panagiotis Tsakos, Pericles and Katerina Panagopoulos and his children Elias and Athena Mitropoulos

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