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New eBook titles added to the IMarEST collection on line

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A number of new titles have recently been added to our IMarEST eBook collection available exclusively to IMarEST Members via Dawsonera.

The IMarEST eBook collection is a continually expanding collection of owned eBook titles which allows Members to read the full-text online, search by keywords, download and print sections as permitted within UK Copyright Law. New eBook titles available free to access for members include:

Basic Ship Theory 5th ed. [Combined Volume] Author: K.J. Rawson, E.C. Tupper Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann Description: Rawson and Tupper’s “Basic Ship Theory”, first published in 1968, is widely known as the standard introductory text for naval architecture students, as well as being a useful reference for the more experienced designer.

Carbon and Nutrient Fluxes in Continental Margins Author: Kon-Kiee Liu et al Publisher: Springer Verlag Description: The book provides best estimates of carbon and nutrient fluxes in seven types of continental margins. In each type, these fluxes are reported in detail individually for 3-7 representative geographic regions, each of which is characterized by concise descriptions of the physical and biogeochemical settings.

Discovering the Oceans from Space: The Unique Applications of Satellite Oceanography Author: I.S. Robinson Publisher: Springer Verlag Decription: This book offers a survey of the contribution of satellite data to the study of the ocean, focusing on the special insights that only satellite data can bring to oceanography.

High Resolution Numerical Modelling of the Atmosphere and Ocean Editor: K Hamilton, W Ohfuchi Publisher: Springer Verlag Description: This book documents the first international meeting focused specifically on high-resolution atmospheric and oceanic modeling held at the Earth Simulator Center. Rather than producing a standard conference proceedings, it includes papers written by invited speakers at the meeting, reporting on their most exciting recent results involving high resolution modeling.

The Maritime Engineering Reference Book: A Guide To Ship Design, Construction and Operation Editor: A.F. Molland Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann Description: “The Maritime Engineering Reference Book” is a one-stop source for engineers involved in marine engineering and naval architecture.

Modelling Methods for Marine Science Author: D.M. Glover, W.J. Jenkins and S.C. Doney Publisher: Cambridge University Press Description: This advanced textbook on modeling, data analysis and numerical techniques for marine science has been developed from a course taught by the authors for many years at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Modelling the Dispersion of Radionuclides in the Marine Environment: An Introduction Author: R Periáñez Publisher: Springer Verlag Description: This book is a practical guide to the subject of numerical modelling of radioactivity dispersion in the marine environment.

Ocean Circulation and Climate Editor: G Siedler, J Church, J Gould Publisher: Academic Press Description: The book represents all the knowledge we currently have on ocean circulation. It presents an up-to-date summary of the state of the science relating to the role of the oceans in the physical climate system.

Oceans and the Atmospheric Carbon Content Editor: P Duarte, J Magdalena Santana-Casiano Publisher: Springer Verlag Description: Here is an interdisciplinary overview of the role the world’s ocean’s play as a ‘carbon sink’, and how this relates to climate change. It analyzes a range of topics from the impact of conurbations on the CO2 content of nearby seas to sequestration technology.

Physical Oceanography: Developements Since 1950 Editor: M Jochum, R Murtugudde Publisher: Springer Verlag Description: This book aims to provide current scientists as well as future generations with a historical overview of the developments in physical oceanography over the last four decades. Senior scientists that have played major roles during that time contributed chapters on oceanographic observations, theory of physical oceanography and modelling.

Remote Sensing of Coastal Aquatic Environments: Technologies, Techniques and Applications Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing Editor: R.L. Miller, C.E. Del Castillo and B. A. McKee Publisher: Springer Verlag Description: Coastal waters are important ecological systems and vital assets for many nations. Coastal waters are also complex, dynamic environments where a vast array of coupled biological, chemical, geological, and physical processes occurs over multiple time and space scales. The optical environment of coastal waters is particularly complex. There is considerable interest in studying coastal waters to gain a better understanding of earth system processes for climatic change research or environmental factors for management decisions.

Ship Hydrostatics and Stability Author: A.B. Biran Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann Description: The hydrostatic approach to ship stability aims to balance idealized ship weight against buoyancy forces. This textbook is a complete guide to understanding ship hydrostatics in ship design and ship performance.

Shipping Strategy: Innovating for Success Author: P. Lorange Publisher: Cambridge University Press Description: In Shipping Strategy, Peter Lorange draws on his extensive experience in the shipping industry to show how companies can adapt to the fast-moving and volatile world of maritime business by devising strategies for future success, including specialization and innovation.

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