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This Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) issue 1/2012 in three parts with over 26 cases is a must-to-study and improve safety, research and development, needless to mention maritime education, training and mentorship!

The MAIB examines and investigates all types of marine accidents to or on board UK vessels worldwide and other vessels in UK territorial waters.

This Safety Digest draws the attention of the marine community to some of the lessons arising from investigations into recent accidents and incidents.

The information from the findings is published to inform the shipping and fishing industries, the pleasure craft community and the public of the general circumstances of marine accidents and to draw out the lessons to be learned.

We urge all maritime nations to produce a similar Safety Digest for the benefit of the entire shipping world.

Viewers wishing acquire this digest can email maib@dft.gov.uk and or log on www.maib.gov.uk



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